Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kansas City Streetcar Grille On Track To Change Tragic Theme In Less Than Two Years

On paper the concept probably seemed like a good idea. There was probably lots of excitement about operating "vibrancy" of a taxpayer subsidized that would spark nostalgia regarding this town's glory days and maybe craft a new transit future.

The reality is that serving up the same fare is kind of a slog and the downtown lunch crowd isn't quite as glamorous as folks imagine. Sadly, all of the hype in the world and even taxpayer subsidy won't keep a restaurant open . . . And so, here's the latest victim of downtown marketing.

P.S. - There's a dish named after our TKC blog community. It's off menu, bittersweet and hard to swallow.

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Street Car Grille | Sports Bar & Grill - Kansas City, MO

Main content starts here, tab to start navigating hero gallery paused, press to play images slides Playing hero gallery, press to pause images slides We at Streetcar Grille & Tavern like to think of ourselves as an upscale sports bar and grill serving an elevated offering of food and drink.


Anonymous said...

Sports Bar?
Is the 90s?

Ross said...

^^^ Lol. Now that is comedy, my friend.

Hyperblogal said...

Being on the Magic Two Miles seems less than successful.

Anonymous said...

Loved Nichol's lunch.

Anonymous said...

We have a gargantuan "Sports Bar" in the form of the P&L District that's been open for almost twenty years and has never been able to make enough to pay its own debt service, and so has had to be bailed out by the City every year. If it can't survive off of the KU grads and other dregs, how the hell do these people think they can "upgrade" the same thing and make it?

Six to nine months max!

Anonymous said...

^^^^Thanks for the expert opinion paw paw, but since this topic has nothing to do with Matlock, tapioca, or Bob Evans, I fail to see how a shut-in geezer who hasn't left Frogville in decades as anything of value to add.

Anonymous said...

Good recital of the few words you know, Chimpy! Keep trying!!;)