Monday, August 05, 2019

Kansas City Star: Street Parties Must Continue Despite Innocent Murdered!!!

Quite a few B.S. jobs are dependent on taxpayer funded good times and the never-ending local party scene. And so, we notice more than a few desperate souls advocating for MORE PARTIES AS TRIBUTE TO A WOMAN KILLED.

It's a cynical and callous ploy but thankfully hidden behind a paywall where few people bother to look.

Leade: "First Fridays is a make-your-own-adventure experience -- the streets fill with music, food and fun in the Crossroads Arts District. Unthinkable mass shootings in public places in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, over the weekend, as calamitous as they are, don't make those or any other locales more dangerous going forward."

Here's the news preview tease that basically exploits the faulty premise:

Kansas City Star: Keep Eating!!!


Anonymous said...

God damn I can't wait for the star to go out of business. This is pure trash

Hyperblogal said...

"Any more dangerous going forward"... what BS... how about the 25 year old woman gunned down by the food truck? She probably thought it wasn't dangerous there either.

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for the clowns who are talking about "taking back the streets".
Show up on the 27th Street block of College Avenue at 2:00am this Saturday and "interact" with the folks you encounter there.
Be sure to tell them that you're tired of worrying about violence while you're enjoying your avocado toast at your favorite new faddish hangout and you DEMAND that they change their behavior.
Please report the results to TKC that Sunday morning.
Even if you have to contact the blog from a local hospital.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Negros destroy everything they get involved with.

Anonymous said...

It’s a sad day when another perfectly good and honest event is completely destroyed by koloreds, the worst part of it is that nobody will do a damn thing about who and what the problem is.

Anonymous said...

I worry about copycat killers. Seeing all this news, some idiot is bound to go right down there to First Friday and do the same thing. People for some stupid reason crave attention, even hateful attention. Build 500 more prisons, give them all a life sentence with no parole. It will create jobs and help the economy and safety of the average person.

Anonymous said...

9:55 yup, you’re right, the blackies will keep repeating their same sins over and over and no matter how many times the sjw’s and even petersucker forgives them, in the end they just keep right on killing their own and even worse, many white people and innocent women and children, they are a sick, sick people.

Anonymous said...

The local media will be asking can something like that happened in KCMO

Anonymous said...

"KC can honor First Friday shooting victim by retaking the streets"

That's FUNNY!


Because the dimwits of The Star Editorial Board are sounding very much like their 2000-2008 political nemesis President George W. Bush.

In the wake of 9/11, Bush urged Americans to go about your normal business. Go shopping, don't let the terrorists win.

Anonymous said...

Lets move every major event to Johnson County, then we will all be safe. Move the American Royal BBQ under the bridge at Metcalf and 435, we will be safe and free from rain. And lets invite AOC to draw the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Trump is right take back the country