Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kansas City Seeking Bigger Census Count

A desperate move to prove that local tourism, development and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS worth of taxpayer subsidy is working . . . MARC and other civic cheerleaders are gearing up to boost local numbers which, sadly, also include an influx of homeless from downtown to midtown that might not signal the "momentum" that locals cheerleaders tout . . . Checkit:

Kansas City-Area Foundations Fund 2020 Census Push

With billions of dollars at stake, a group of Kansas City-area foundations is funding an effort to ensure the most accurate count possible in next year's federal census. The initiative comes in the form of the Metro Kansas City Census Equity Fund, with grants of as much as $10,000 now available to nonprofits focusing on reaching populations at risk of being undercounted.


Anonymous said...

This proves the dummocraps will do anything for money, they are doing exactly what the government wants by getting accurate census counts that will include illegals! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The problem that the GOP faces is that the Census is required to be as accurate as possible, which always works to their disadvantage.

The reapportionments that will follow the 2020 Census in both Kansas and Missouri will probably result in the Republican Party's loss of almost evert State-wide Office in the 2022 and 2024 election.

The end of Gingrich's "Project Redmap" is in sight!

NicK said...

What the homeless don't count as people? And illegals have never been counted so that argument is dishonest bs

Anonymous said...

^^^ they will this time! Hahahahaha!

Hook. Line. Sinker!!!

Anonymous said...

If KCMO could just count the 25 million "tourists" and 750K+ riders of THE streetcar, those federal bucks would really come rolling in!
Just think how many arts festivals, bike lane street stripings, data driven tech projects, jazz festivals, and all the rest of the priorities at 12th and Oak could be funded with all that cash!
Streets, cops, storm water projects, utility upgrades?
Not so much.
When's the next election.
This one doesn't seem to have made any difference.