Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kansas City Saturday Sausage Fest

Local tubed meat that should be of interest to our blog community . . . Take a peek at the benefits of a more savory & enjoyable product of the KC grind:

Food Critics: The Best Hot Dogs And Sausages In Kansas City In 2019

It's still summer, which means it's hot dog season. But for all the democratic appeal they can rightly claim, hot dogs - also known as weiners - don't get much respect. "They're cheap. They have notoriously been cheap. They're just a filling, inexpensive way to get something in your tummy," says Jenny Vergara of Feast Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is really important. Can we send some free sausage to KCUR studios?

Anonymous said...

Try the Sly James Sausage

Anonymous said...

^^^^Wickham owns that now.