Sunday, August 25, 2019


A destructive blaze evacuated customers this afternoon inside the KC debt-plagued suburban entertainment district in the nice part of town. Take a look:

Fire at Smokehouse Barbecue at Zona Rosa

Terry Finch SOURCE: Terry Finch Kansas City firefighters were called out to the Smokehouse Barbecue at Zona Rosa on Sunday afternoon.People inside the restaurant evacuated as flames shot out from the chimney.Firefighters say the fire started in the hood system of the structure.Officials say that grease tends to build up there and sometimes causes fires such as this one.There were no injuries reported, and there is no word on when the restaurant will reopen.


Anonymous said...

Zona Rosa isn't long for this world. It's a chore to drive through the area, and parking is awful for both residents and businesses. They opened Phase II and it's never been fully occupied. Buh Bye.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and its been sold twice since it was built, so the end is near.
Pity the folks who signed long-term leases on those "luxury apartments".

Anonymous said...

Real BBQ restaurants burn every few years, its a badge of honor.

Anonymous said...

Zona Rosa isn't going anywhere. They will be bailed out at the taxpayer's expense if they don't find a buyer. Don't buy into Tony's negative energy.