Kansas City N00b Dealers Confront Hard Time After Sending Heroin & Meth Via FedEx

A Friday reminder that a lot of people suck at their job and not every aspiring narcotic kingpin can be Heisnenberg. Read more:

2 Kansas City traffickers sentenced for shipping drugs through FedEx

Two men who used Federal Express to ship heroin and methamphetamine from Arizona to Kansas have been sentenced to federal prison.U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister said 34-year-old David Thomas, of Kansas City, Missouri, was sentenced Thursday to eight years and four months in prison.


  1. That's good now back to the gentrification and displacement assessment debacle. The mother of all messes.

  2. ^^^ No sticking your head in the sand and chanting show me show me show me always fixes problems here.

    Besides the drug dealers have the cash to buy those tax abated new Beacon Hill pads.

  3. Amazon would have got the job done.

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