Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kansas City Is For Fanboys

Pandering to athletic reports on this preseason weekend is tolerated. Here's nice news and a hopeful missive worth a look early Sunday . . . Take a peek:

Crossroads of the sports world has Kansas City fans excited

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Saturday night was the crossroads of the sports world as Kansas City's big three were in action. Kansas City fans were torn between watching the Chiefs, Royals and Sporting Kansas City games. Many fans turned to the Power and Light District to watch each game on the big screen.


Anonymous said...

Good pic of your typical Advanced Kansas Citians. At least they can walk upright that's promising.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Don't understand - if they were sober enough to "walk upright" or even to crawl they would have gone home, showered and cleaned up a bit sometime in the past two weeks.

Anonymous said...