Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kansas City Hipster Crisis Of Conscience

Vague connection to KC here but good enough to merit a quick post and a look at the hipster next gen earning high praise for an otherwise obscure clip. Linked only because high art always provides a good laugh. Take a look:

In His Film Oh My God, Kevin Morby Searches for Answers in a Surreal Kansas City

Musician Kevin Morby doesn't consider himself to be a great actor, but the role he plays in his new short film, Oh My God, was a pretty familiar one. "I felt like I was playing a character for sure, the character being myself. It's a weird thing.


Anonymous said...

i wonder what is like walking backwards down a tunnel while getting kicked in the back of the head.

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know, ask your mother.

Anonymous said...

she preferred kicking ppl in the shins.