Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Kansas City 'Girl Fight' Mass Shooter Sentenced To Hard Time As Judge Decries Local Violence & Dearth Of Gun Control

An exceptionally strong leade and statement from Judge John Torrence:

Money line:

"A Jackson County judge on Tuesday railed about Kansas City’s decades of gun violence, state government’s “encouraging” the use of weapons, and his own futility in trying to bring justice to the “senseless, thoughtless and ultimately cruel” murder of a young mother."

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Kansas City Man Who Murdered Pretty Pennington Sentenced to 26 Years


Anonymous said...

Get a clue judge. It's not guns or gun control it the people and as you can clearly see it a HUGE BLACK PROBLEM! Do something with black people and you have solved 99.9% of the problem! FACT. Stop treating these people with kid gloves! SICK OF IT!

Anonymous said...


Sharquay Chigivintsiev said...

He should be put to death instead of taxpayers paying for his incarceration.

Anonymous said...

The story makes it clear that he, she and everyone else in the vicinity were pure ghetto.

Anonymous said...

26 years for killing someone?

That judge is a joke and needs to be thrown off the bench.

Anonymous said...

He IS the govt. Yet blames the govt, then gives the guy only 26 years. You have got to be shitting me.

Anonymous said...

Torrence is pissed he has to work in a 90 year old building that Frank White will not authorize repairs to after failed water lines flooded it.

Anonymous said...

We have too many liberal faggot judges.