Saturday, August 31, 2019

Kansas City Conversation: How To Keep Your Kids From Being A Pathetic Fatty Like YOU

Local doc weighs in on one of many unproductive talks to have with youngsters. Take a look:

How to talk to your kids about a healthy weight

Red, yellow, green. It's a system for conveying the healthfulness of foods, and at the center of a debate about how to approach weight loss for children. This month, the company formerly known as Weight Watchers provoked a backlash when it introduced a food tracking app for children as young as 8.


Anonymous said...

It’s too late. You already have your kids addicted to sugar and fast food and video games because you’re too lazy to make sure they eat healthy and actually play.

Anonymous said...

See! You're doing a wonderful thing!
Gobbling down all that candy and all those cookies you "bought for the kids" makes you a "Good Parent"!
It says so - right here!

Anonymous said...

The last time I stepped on a digital scale it read:


Anonymous said...

If we have to fight WW3 with all these fat lazy whining kids we’re done. The only hope is to use all the queers for cannon fodder and hope they run out of ammo before we do.