In this latest missive, Kansas City's most prolific transit activist and the only guy to win a citywide transit vote attacks at beloved rising star hero and the local news discourse . . .

Take a look:

Clay Chastain: Injunction in behalf of Green Transit Petition

Woe is everywhere, and so is Patrick Mahomes

I have nothing against Patrick Mahomes II, but with people suffering in Kansas City and all over a suffering planet why is Kansas City's local media obsessed with his... new mansion, obscene pile of shoes, new diet, new non-nutritional breakfast cereal, his every move or pass, etc.?

But when it comes to City Hall's deliberate and on-going attempts to ignore valid petitions from the people, Kansas City's local media is too busy to cover those misdeeds against our collective civil liberty. Kansas City's local media is no longer the people's watch dog, but mostly just a reporter of crime, sports, weather and sensational-oriented stories. For instance, if one goes to the Kansas City Star's web page, at any given time, there is little content about local politics. Rather, it is all about crime, sports, mayhem and the national scene.

And, of course, with no watch dog City Hall is free to bend, break and ignore the rules to suit its purposes. For instance, 2,500 KC voters submitted a transit-improving petition (similar to the one KC voters approved in 2006 and that City Hall said they knew better and repealed) to the City in early April. It is now the middle of August and the City has not acted to place the petition on the next available ballot - November, even though they long ago placed the Save the Paseo petition on the November ballot. Rather, they have sent it off to Siberia (bottled it up in committee for 6 more months) to be forgotten.

On July 17th (in behalf of the 2,500 KC voters who signed in support of the petition) I confronted the City at its Finance Committee hearing as to why it had unduly held the "Green Transit" petition proposal (zero-emission, quick, quiet and convenient electric rail / electric bus / Union Station Hub / Penn Valley Park Revitalization / Aerial gondola, Greenways, etc.) in committee for nearly 3-months. Chairman Scott Wagner said, "We are not going to have that debate here." In other words, we are not going to have open transparent government here. In other words, we are going to protect our corporate developer's novelty streetcar system from competition. In other words, we are going to offer you nothing because we are above the law of the Charter and the Star isn't watching.

Mayor Quinton Lucas promised the people an open transparent government. Where is it Mr. Mayor?

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain

Developing . . .


  1. I'm glad you're calling out the KC Star for pushing their junk rather than be on our side. They're really up their own ass acting like the protector of the people when all they do is lie about tyreek hill and give us some bad clickbait. Can't wait until they're out of business

  2. Come back, Clay. KC needs an intelligent backbone or it's doomed.

  3. @10:22AM-You'll be dust long before the Star goes out of business. Sorry. Not sorry.

  4. Didn't he say he would leave town when he lost ?

  5. Chastain really should try to find a life somewhere else.

  6. ^^^ if only that two bit loser bLIEron would heed your advise......

  7. Byron Funkhouser8/14/19, 1:17 PM

    ^^Don't believe in free speech, do you Petersucker.

    You're a two bit loser who's afraid to use his real name because of all the racial hatred he spiels, not to mention that Ms. Baker might like to know who he is.

    Two-bit, loser coward.

  8. My Real Name8/14/19, 1:46 PM

    ^^^^^Nyah, Nyah, Nyah! Can't catch me! Can't catch me!

    You eat bird poop.

  9. The man has a good point and I think he is entirely correct.

  10. Tony, this one is an Ed McMahon softball.

    Of course Mahomes would win.
    We have seen the video of Patrick's shoe closet.

    Whereas, Chastain has....

    feet of Clay.

  11. ^^^Nice one.

  12. Och Babineaux8/14/19, 3:34 PM

    11:52 stated "Chastain really should try to find a life somewhere else."
    Clay and Bryon need to hook up and spend some bonding and quality time together. They live within 150 miles of each other and there togetherness would definitely help TKC.

  13. ^^^ now that’s a frightening and delightful thought all rolled into one, neither one of them has any business here in good ole corrupt and murderous killa shitty.

  14. Hey Byron funkhouser you have such a hard-on for clay Chastain Clint Chastain. should get a real life and move out of your mother's basement. People are tired of you bitching and complaining like an old hag play. it's doing good for this city so it moving forward maybe you should get your dick out of the asses of some of the elite in this town. Get real life.


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