Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kansas City Catholic School Year Begins

Hopeful look at a new start and another opportunity for this faith community to lead NextGen students on the right path. Read more:

Diocesan Educators begin school year with annual Convocation Mass

By Marty Denzer Catholic Key Associate Editor KANSAS CITY - They came from all over the diocese - around 600 diocesan principals, teachers, preschool directors - on August 14 to celebrate the new school year with the Convocation Mass at St. John Francis Regis Church. The principal celebrant was Bishop James Johnston, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Party affiliation among Catholics

37-percent Republican
19-percent Independent
44-percent Democrat

The Catholic Church is controlled by a white male patriarchy.

The Democratic Party is at war, targeting white males. The Democrats have shifted Left, embracing Socialism, abortion on-demand, promotion of LGBT status, open borders, and degradation of Constitutional rights.

In 2020, more Catholics will be crossing over to support Trump's re-election.

Anonymous said...

The only problem Trump faces is that he doesn't have Hillary Clinton to run against.

That only leaves him with the far right as support, since the left and center have seen him in action. It is almost impossible for the Democrats to nominate someone who wouldn't be able to beat Trump.

Anonymous said...

Comedy routine needs work. Who exactly? Bernie and Warren have no position except trying to out-exrreme each other, and Buden is more embarrassing with his mouth than the Prez is with his tweets.

You have it wrong. The extreme left has chased away all but Trump Derangement wackos and the far, far left. There's not even a place for traditional liberals.

Anonymous said...

School starts. How many young children (girls included) will be raped this year by school priests? Answer : over 2,500. Don't send your kids to a place like that! Even the Nazis did not rape prisoners at death camps.

Anonymous said...

Priests love to rape girls when they can. Often its hidden by the parents.

Anonymous said...

One of the unchanging traditions of the catholic church is priests molesting children. It shall always be present.

Anonymous said...

School starts ! Or as the priest call it, breeding season.

greg said...

Could it be that Satan rules the priests's lives? That they hate Mary, Joseph, the Saints and God?