Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kansas City Blogging Against Christian Hate

A powerful missive against from this faith blog on politics, terrorism and the culture war. Checkit:

What makes these 'Christians' preach hate? 8-20-19

All of us know that sometimes religions produce people so convinced they are right about matters of theology that they become not just haters but terrorists. I find it so damn frustrating that they don't understand the value of doubt...


Anonymous said...

The answer is simple, as with most Christians and Evangelicals, they are not really Christian. They are hipo-Christians.

Anonymous said...

For a Christian to preach hate against gay people is wrong, but understand that the gay life style is written in the Bible as an abomination and also a perversion.

I think the hate against Christians today is pretty horrific too. Take a look at what Obama preached against Christians. That was hate, also suing a Christian because he won't go against his Christian values and bake a wedding cake for a gay couple is also hate, when they could have easily gone somewhere else.

This thing goes both ways and I think the hate toward Christians today is just as bad as a Christian treating a gay person badly.

But did you know the worst haters of gay people is ISLAM? But yet Christians are the target.

Smiling Jack said...

The primary basis for the psychological crutch we call "Religion" is
"I Am Better Than You Are"!

Since the sole purpose of this crutch is to soothe our insecurities, the very idea that someone could possibly disagree with the beliefs that we cling to so desperately frightens us badly, and our innate animalistic "fight or flee" reaction generates a level of hatred toward the one who questions, and therefore threatens, us. As our level of fear and insecurity increases, so does the level of our hatred.

Thus, unfortunately, when it comes to "Religion", HATE IS INNATE!

Anonymous said...

Tammeus complains that other people "don't understand the value of doubt." But there's not a bit of doubt in Tammeus's maunderings either. He's long on lecturing but short on self reflection, to the surprise of no one.

Religion Of Peace said...

The problem here is that Bill is focusing on fringes of folks that call themselves Christian. They do this for validity. Westboro isnt a Christian group. That group was lead by Phelps (a Democrat) who literally thought he was the Messiah. He had to be denounced by WBC before his death because he preached that the Messiah would live forever. This is very unchristian and is against the ten commandments (thou shall have only one God).

Where Bill fails is to point out Islam and that it is indeed a religion of Hate. So many libs are so anxious to point out the flaws in MAN's interpretation of Christ while ignoring Mohammed's actual writings. If you approach your life with that simple, hokey but accurate slogan...WWJD (what would Jesus do) you would indeed be very loving and very Christian. Remember too...you cannot spell WWMD (What would Mohammed Do) without WMD. Simple, hokey, but very accurate.

Bill should be ashamed for not pointing out the obvious. He also closed comments on his site.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh, we get it all the Muslims and lib's fault...yada yada yada. Retard.

chuck said...

Billy's polemic is directed, as usual, at "Deplorables" and is a political guilt trip for all of those wet by every rain, blown by every wind intellect that succumbs to his agitprop.

While Muslims are just this week, blowing up people at weddings, literally tossing Gays off of buildings and committing genocide against Christians all through the Mid East, Billy aims his guns at Christians, who, no doubt are not without sin, but, certainly not the terrorists - dyed in the wool, unto death terrorists that Muslims are.

It's politics, virtue signalling and a superficial, "hey!! look at me I am holier than thou!!" distraction from objective reality.

Scale counts. Numbers count.

Objective reality still means something to those who actually have higher than room temp IQ.

For the rest of you, there is Billy Tammy's oeuvre.

Anonymous said...

@8:35, which version of "Christianity" are you talking about?

The one that people said Jesus talked about, and if so do you include only the four "Canonical Gospels" that Constantine allowed, or should we also include the 68 other knowns Gospels that the Roman Emperor ordered to be excluded?

Or do you mean the English Translation (in the 1600s) of the New Testament, 75% of which was written by Paul and Luke, two Hellenized and Secularized Roman Jews who never even saw Jesus, but took over the small group led by Peter and his cronies after they had ejected Miriam and James, whom Jesus had designated as the leaders of his community, exclusively made up of Jews?

Or do you mean the cults such as Catholicism or Mormonism that claim the message of God is still changing and evolving and is being funneled to us through the mouths of ordinary men?

There are immense differences between the "messages" Jesus delivered, depending on which route you believe the "delivery" took.

Anonymous said...

Umm... chuck you may want to revisit all those domestic terrorists we have running around here in our own country. Pretty sure they've killed more Americans than the Muslims have. Pretty sure they were white Christians too. I mean, don't let a little thing like reality get in the way of all your delusions or anything.

Anonymous said...

Umm....9:16, yeah, about those domestic terrorists "running around here in our own country"....Chicago, Baltimore, and plenty of the nation's other Democrim-run cities have many hundreds of shootings by those domestic terrorists each week. Remember, Missouri has TWO of those DemonRat-run high ranked for murder momentum cities....Saint Louis and Kansas City.


Tells is like it is said...

Religion, of course, is a fairy-tale crutch which allows non-critical thinkers to HOPE there's something waiting for us after death. It is the human condition that our EGO simply cannot deal with the idea that like every other living organism, animal and plant, we are born grow to maturity and finally die. We have to create myths about gods to escape the inevitable. Without wasting more of my and your time, I would just say try to grasp the vastness of this universe (At 186,000 miles a second, it would take one a hundred thousand years to merely cross our own Milky Way Galaxy. it is beyond our ability to comprehend those distances.) and then think God set up headquarters here, BILLIONS OF YEARS after the universe began. You know, the snake telling the broad to eat the apple, and taking poor Adam's rib out to make a dame, even before alimony and court ordered child support was available. By the way, the Bible is a collection of writings by FALLIBLE MEN, who, while intelligent, didn't even conceive of the Solar system, let alone the universe. Myths were the order of the day, Ever since religion was invented, "If you don't like my god, I'll kill you." has become its calling card.

Anonymous said...

Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick, when they’re not busy killing innocent women and children. I happily anticipate our war with Iran so we can destroy their entire shithole country.

Anonymous said...

Bill should leave his religion if he is seeing this kind of stuff. The church I attend and I have gone to several other churches of my denomination. Never hate preached, just the opposite. We have black, white, Hispanic and Asian members. All are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Westboro is eight people who the media prop up to smear all christians.

Real religious hatred comes from muslims as can be seen. Don't start with "crusades" bullshit because it's literally ancient history at this point. Modern day islam is a violent religion. As a gay man I would much rather live in a neighborhood with christians than muslims

Anonymous said...

^^and yet Christians continue to murder their own every day in this country. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^ And yet the blacks murder far, far more every day in this country. Weird.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Just imagine how badly the Slaves, & Native Americans, would of been treated if the White Invaders weren't all Christians?

Manifest Destiny was the result of Christian Hegemony.

Without Christianity we wouldn't have fought an elective war of aggression against Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Religion had nothing whatsoever to do with the Mexican War.

Western Africans were not Christians, yet the western African tribes captured and sold millions of fellow blacks into slavery.

American Indians were never Christians, but they fought each other incessantly, and when the opportunity presented, wiped out whole tribes.

I think you'd better think it out again.