Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kansas City Back To School News Links

A bevy of topics on local education, continued provisional accreditation in KCMO and a few more teachable moments for parents . . .

Teaching By Example
900 KCPS students on waiting list for a mentor
Learning About KC Violence

Students from Ruskin lead discussion on neighborhood safety

Prior to the back-to-school rally held on Saturday, August 10, residents from Hickman Mills were invited to a panel hosted by the Community and Police Relations team (CPR) in south Kansas City. The team was put together by a group of active members of the community to improve the relationship between the police and young people in the area.

Teachalbe FAIL Moment

The impact of closing two Hickman Mills elementary schools

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When the doors opened for the first day of school Wednesday, about 500 elementary students in the Hickman Mills School District walked into a different building than last year. The district in Kansas City, Missouri, closed Johnson and Symington elementary schools at the end of last school year.

KCMO Walkabout Life Lesson

KCK parents upset with school after 5-year-old walks out and wanders over a mile away

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- There are a lot of questions after a 5-year-old girl wandered out of New Chelsea Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas and ended up over a mile away. Now, her family members want answers, and a look into current security measures.

Local Safety Lesson

Independence mom calls for crossing guards at new school

Wednesday marked the first day of school for the brand new Cassell Park Elementary, located at 31st Street South and Hardy Avenue. With no sidewalks in sight and a narrow shoulder to the road, the walk down 31st to Cassell Park isn't easy.

Meth Town Transit Trouble
Independence mom fighting school district over busing for daughter with special needs
NextGen Smoke Out

Shawnee Mission School District battling vaping problems with education, not punishment

The state of Kansas just released guidelines to encourage all districts to become vape-free.More than 20% of high school students are vaping. Sadly enough, a lot of them started in middle school and are already addicted.Some blame the vaping problem on misinformation.

Developing . . .

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