Saturday, August 31, 2019

Kansas City Artists Condemn Mariner And Kemper Museum Endorsement Of La Migra

We talked about this one YESTERDAY and then public radio pretends not to notice our blog community's local dominance whilst offering their progressive and kinda biased "reporting" on the immigraiton ruckus . . . Take a look:

The Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art Caught Up In National Immigration Debate

Some in the art world are protesting the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art because of a tenuous connection to the Trump administration's immigration policies. The Kansas City, Missouri, museum was founded by the parents of trustee Mariner Kemper, who is also CEO of Kansas City-based UMB Bank.


Anonymous said...

ICE is doing a good job in a bad situation. Over 100,000 illegals per month storming the border, until very recently. Where do the artists want ICE to put them--perhaps in the museum or their "art" studios?

Anonymous said...

I stand with the President! KAG 2020!!!