Saturday, August 03, 2019


Kansas City has now endured one murder every day Mayor Quinton Lucas has been in office.

The latest homicide report:

"Officers were called to 55th Street and South Benton for a report of shots heard around 6 p.m.  A second call went out for a car accident at 55th Street and Agnes Avenue.  When KCPD got to the accident scene, a man was found dead in the driver's seat of the vehicle from gunshot wounds."

Check the links . . .

KSHB: One killed, one seriously injured in evening shooting

KMBC: 1 dead in double shooting near 55th and South Benton

KCTV5: Shell casings were found at multiple scenes. There is no suspect information at this time.

Again, it's too early to blame the new mayor for this and his commitment to addressing violent crime has been inspiring to many . . . But the homicide spike during his inaugural week make is clear that the challenges he faces are considerable.

It's our Saturday tradition to share songs with our readers for this weekend night. Here are a few tunes that deserves consideration amid the KCMO Summer Slaughter 2019:

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Anonymous said...

Fucking insane.

KC isn't best in the Midwest at anything but murder.

Anonymous said...

Sly the egomaniac should be happy that his legacy is continuing.

Anonymous said...

Thought the new Police Chief was going to do something.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until more cops work the streets and more criminals get prosecuted. These are the results of internal corruption within upper levels of kcpd, years of being soft on crime and years of the citizens accepting this as normal

Byron Funkhouser said...


How could the police have prevented that girl's death?

You don't want answers, you want scapegoats. There is no easy answer, nor simple solution.

Just come on here, day after day, spewing your racial hatred, while once a week a young white man "goes postal", & kills a bunch of strangers because he's "so angry".

There are more guns in America than people. That's insane. America is insane.

Anonymous said...

#84--#85 by 6:00 a.m. Monday morning in time for BREAKING NEWS!!!

8/2/19, 5:33 PM

Anonymous said...


Byron Funkhouser said...

I'm having a tough time finding a local blog in my home state of VA who gives a shit what I have to say.

chuck said...

"...while once a week a young white man "goes postal", & kills a bunch of strangers because he's "so angry"." You're a liar Byron. It's BLACK serial killers who kill by a light year more than any other racial group.

Let's take a look at the headlines (with links) from a nine-day period ending Memorial Day, May 27. One at a time, most recent day first, until we reach the 26th mass shooting from a black person.

Starting in Trenton, New Jersey.

1. "1 killed, 5 wounded as gunfire erupts in Trenton again days after 10 were hurt in shooting outside city bar."

2. As the previous headline indicates, don't confuse that mass shooting with "Police Confirm Nine Injuries in Trenton Shooting Incident" from Friday, the 25th of May.

3. Police: "Multiple people shot, including boy, in Southeast DC." Multiple equals five.

4/5. "Six people, including teenagers shot in two separate incidents in Brooklyn." A twofer: three each.

6. "Police: 1 dead, 2 injured after shooting in downtown St. Louis."

7. "Three people shot in South Merced neighborhood."

Let's check out the headlines and links from May 26. Spoiler alert: not a white person in sight.

8. "1 Dead, 3 Wounded After Shootout at Fort Lauderdale Parking Garage." Not to worry — his mom says he was acting in self-defense.

9. "2 dead, 3 wounded after gunfire erupts in Little Italy." Not too many Italians left in Little Italy.

10. "5 people shot, 3 arrested at Brunswick." This is not even the worst one in Virginia last weekend. So hold on.

11. "Four shot, one dead in Stockton." Some locals call Stockton the New Chicago.

12. Transgender woman, 2 men killed in Detroit shooting. Not the first recent murder of a transgender. Not polite to notice that those killers are black as well.

13. Quadruple shooting in SE Baltimore Saturday night. This happened the same night 100 black people rampaged through Baltimore's tourist Mecca, the Inner Harbor. They were assaulting, stealing, attacking police in what none dare call a good old-fashioned race riot. Again.

Compared to the big riot of 2016, where 120 policemen were sent to the hospital after being on the wrong end of bottles and bricks and other violence at the hands of thousands of black people, it is easier to understand why local media were so eager to brush it off as just a few kids blowing off some steam.

14. "3 Shot, Injured Overnight in North Minneapolis." North Minneapolis is a Nice-Free Zone.

So far, nary a crazed MAGA hat–wearing Caucasian to be found. Let's continue to May 25th.

chuck said...

15. "3 wounded, including 17-year-old girl, in Chicago drive-by shooting."

16. "Suspect wanted in connection with Port Gibson graduation party shooting that left 1 dead and 2 injured." Not the first mass shooting at a black graduation party this month.

17. "3 shot early Saturday near canal walk in Downtown Indianapolis." The record for mass shootings there is 8, achieved while the Black Expo was in full swing.

18. "One dead, nine injured after shooting at 'large party' in Chesapeake." This was the big enchilada in Virginia this week, near Norfolk. Lots of video of the party at one of two videos I made about the recent mass shootings. Lots of music about guns, drugs, money, b------, and murder, if that's your thing.

19. "1 dead, 2 injured after shooting at popular lounge in Midtown" Atlanta. You are probably going to the wrong lounges.

Headlines and links from May 22.

20. "Deputies: Three people shot after fight in Waffle House parking lot in Sarasota."

21. "1 dead, 2 injured in Algiers highway shootout Tuesday afternoon: NOPD." That's the Big Easy.

Let's see some headlines and links from May 20.

22. "Suspect in custody identified after quadruple shooting near 16th and Memorial leaves one dead, another not expected to live." The shooter said he had a beef.

23. "Suspect named in Alexandria shooting that killed 1, wounded 4." That's Central Louisiana, not Virginia.

24. "Another weekend, another mass shooting. Thirteen have been shot in 2 violent episodes this spring." The latest one involved "1 dead, five hurt in Winston-Salem shooting late Saturday; man killed was young hip hop artist." Both in Winston-Salem.

25. "3 people shot in Mount Hope." This came in front of the headquarters for a San Diego black motorcycle club. Yes, they have them. Yes, they are no strangers to hyper-violence.

26. Let's finish up back in D.C. "1 dead, 2 hospitalized in shooting."

There were also mass shootings in Denver (Hispanic shooter), Miami (unidentified so far) and Central Florida, (where it just might be a white guy who shot a few people at a memorial. Waiting...), and downtown Kansas City (waiting).

Maybe some white guys in polo shirts and tiki torches will show up in the incident reports. Maybe not.

No matter: I have documented tons and tons more examples of recent black mass shootings, prior to May 20. Easy to find at This video has details about a mass shooting at another black graduation party this month. I don't really remember where. There are so many, so often, it is hard to keep track.

----Colin Flaherty

Anonymous said...

^^^ That's only 9 fuckin days Byron.

Hey! I gotta a great idea!!! Let's take all the guns away from white people so that the miserable low life fucks out there with ordnance won't have to worry about getting shot by whitey EVAR!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh chuck you sure have a lot of free time.on your hands to hate black people.

Anonymous said...

7:08 nobody likes the murderous blacks dipshit

Anonymous said...

7:08 the koloreds ruin everything so.....

Glug! Glug! said...

Gosh, toilet water guzzler @7:08, you sure sound like bLIEron!

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

What's insane Byron is assholes like you who collect a check every month so you can bitch on the internet all day long spewing your racist hate.

Get a job asshole like the rest of us do. My wife who had polio as a child can barely walk yet she goes to work 5 days a week earning a paycheck instead of sucking the government tit which she could do. She doesn't have to work it's her choice to do so and she claims she does it to keep herself in better shape over sitting in front of a computer or TV everyday.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I do not understand, although I live far away, why I cannot seem to find people, aside from TKC, who wish to post my thoughts. Not in my home state, nor anywhere else for that matter. Puzzling why they apparently do not give a shit about what I have to say.

Anonymous said...

We need a good deadly race based virus.

Anonymous said...

Listen up fuckheadhouser it’s miserable dicksucking fags like you that are rubber stamping what these filthy apes are doing all in the name of diversity hopefully when these monkeys overrun your fortified shithole you live in all your fag friends will be there with you

Anonymous said...

Byron, I’ll keep it simple so even a welfare cheat like you will understand:

Guns don’t kill people. Criminals with guns kill people.

Now go away.

Anonymous said...

Keep looking. We don’t want you here. You cheat the federal government out of disability bucks. Look for a federal level blog to bug people.

Anonymous said...