Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Jackson County Property Tax Crisis Costs More Than Half-A-Million Bucks To Start

The courthouse crisis continues but let's not forget that this entire ordeal could be concluded with the stroke of a pen given that a proposal to remedy the disproportionate assessments has already been approved by the Missouri State Tax Commission.

Instead, the current Administration is going to make 30K homeowners plead their case and cite the screwed up process that did not grant homeowners an individual assessment.

Check the damage so far:

Examiner: Jackson County gears up for assessment appeals


"The Legislature approved spending $561,854 for added staff and overtime costs, including $200,000 for hearing officers. It also raised the pay, for the rest of the year only, of the BOE members and the board’s attorney.

"Of the roughly 300,000 commercial and residential properties in the county, about 30,000 property owners have filed for informal appeals, under which the county Assessment Department takes a second look at a property and the assessed value it assigned earlier this year."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

lol. Jackson county gov't is terrible. We really need a consolidated gov't

Anonymous said...

There is a Missouri statute 139.031 about paying property taxes under protest. If everyone who directly pays their taxes would pay under protest this would starve Jackson County of this revenue. They are not allowed to spend it until the case is settled. The money has to be set aside:

2. Upon receiving payment of current taxes under protest pursuant to subsection 1 of this section or upon receiving notice of an appeal pursuant to section 138.430, RSMo, the collector shall disburse to the proper official all portions of taxes not disputed by the taxpayer and shall impound in a separate fund all portions of such taxes which are in dispute.

Anonymous said...

10:38, you will have to file a statement explaining your protest, and setting out the amount of tax that is subject to the protest. That is the only portion of the tax that will be set aside temporarily. If you want to protest the entire payment, you will have to make a case why your property is not subject to any taxes at all. Good luck with that!

it doesn't matter said...

Consolidate it with what? The city? The city just spent $1,000,000 on a crime stopper's reward increase initiated a month ago at $25,000 per tip and yet we have an epic crime wave. Let's not also forget it was all the TIF giveaways by the city that have placed such a high tax burden on the rest of us taxpayers. How about that 3.4 trillion dollar airport and counting? The water bills?

Anonymous said...

Do a little research. Preston is correct. This is the worst assessment fiasco in the entire country.

Jackass County strikes again. It's a total joke.

Anonymous said...

Jeff should have titled that article..

Jackson county residents prepare to be ripped off.

Anonymous said...

"It also raised the pay, for the rest of the year only, of the BOE members and the board’s attorney. Legislators unanimously approved the added funding."

LOL why wouldn't they they are getting a nice windfall for fucking up and fucking people over!

Anonymous said...

@12:01 I can write up a statement protesting the amount of the exorbitant bogus increase is what I am protesting. I don't expect to not pay taxes at all, I just want them to be fair.