Friday, August 16, 2019


Today is dedicated to feel good hype and promotional garbage from just about everybody associated with 12th & Oak

Kinda like Valentine's Day but without all of the emotional baggage and reminder about increasing American loneliness.

Also, these marketing gimmicks are usually propped up with taxpayer cash doled out local PR hacks who also provide political support to 12th & Oak.

And so we ask . . .


We welcome ideas and here are a few LOCAL BAD NEWS ITEMS that don't fit anywhere else but are still worth a look. Checkit:

Gunfire Getting Worse
Seg. 1: Guns In KC Neighborhoods | Seg. 2: America's Pioneer Monuments
Local Crime Spillover

Excelsior Springs bowling alley recovering from a robbery

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -- The Tiger Bowl Alley in Excelsior Springs means everything to owner's Jerry and Teresa Ferrell. "This truly is my wife and my livelihood, this is all we have," Jerry said. A fun retirement business, which is the reason it frustrates them both to see it damaged Wednesday morning, along with around $1,500 missing.

Good Times Cont'd?!?!

816 Day: Explore KC's history through memorials around town

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City is home to numerous memorials that pay tribute to the incredible people who have modeled our community over the years. Take a moment to explore and understand the individuals and organizations these memorials pay tribute to.

Transit Trouble Fatality: Updated After KCPD Confirmed MOTOR Scooter Tragedy

Man dead in scooter crash near 89th and Troost

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, police said one person is dead after a crash involving a scooter near 89th and Troost. It happened around 12:45 a.m. Friday. Police said the victim was riding a 49cc scooter when a Dodge Charger hit him from behind. The victim died at the scene.

Still No Clues

Family of 8-year-old boy killed in drive-by shooting beg for justice

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The family of 8-year-old Brian Bartlett, who was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting Saturday night is speaking out about their loss and the people who killed the little boy. The house at 83rd Terrace and Tracy Avenue has become a symbol of the terror gripping parts of Kansas City.

Meth Town Gold Trade Burning Confessional

Man admits he was hired by gold trader to burn down rival's store over personal grudge

An Independence man admitted in federal court Thursday that he was hired by the owner of a gold-buying business to try to burn down a rival's store in 2017. Randell Eugene Yeager Jr. , 46, pleaded guilty in the U.S. Court for the Western District of Missouri

Save Kansas City Kitties From Certain Doom!!!

KC Pet Project again at crisis capacity, half-price adoptions offered this weekend

KC Pet Project filling up The KC Pet Project is again at crisis capacity and they're working to clear room for more animals in need with a weekend adoption special.

And this is another OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't you know the rules?

If it's promoted by KCMO, probably a scam.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it's not. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Rochelle demanding her sister tell who fired the shots that killed little Brian?

She knows who it is, she knows who she pissed off.

Here's a clue Rochelle, the clue your seeking is located right there inside your own family.

Anonymous said...

^^^The real question is why haven't YOU gone to the police if you know something?!?! Huh? Or are you just running your mouth? Probably just running your mouth like the rest of the blowhards on here.

Truth giver said...

Does anyone find it ironic when we, almost universally, laud profusely our no-kill pet shelters, while supporting pro-kill Planned Parenthood?

Tells is like it is said...

Headline that gunfire is getting worse:

Absolutely. More range time is sorely needed to improve it. Hit whom you're shooting at, not an innocent child!

Tracy Thomas said...

I'm dyslexic. I already celebrated 618 day. In June.

Anonymous said...

And less than a month to go before the 913-Fest!

Anonymous said...

The only thing to celebrate about 816 is that we live in 913.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet here you are on a blog about the 816. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Still no leads in the case of the 8-year old homicide victim?
And after all the photo ops, marching around, selfies, speeches, and going door-to-door leaving notices about the $25,000 rewards?
What a surprise!
The people in the house know what's going on, as do some people in the neighborhood.
Where are all the "activists" and social justice warriors when you really need them?
Having a balloon release at some suburban church.
And what passes for leadership in the black community is down at city hall trying to intimidate the electeds for another million for 18th and Vine!
Really sad.

Anonymous said...

^^ugh huh...hey look! Matlock's on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey look ! Younger and dumber is here!!!

Anonymous said...

1:51, until you can expand your thoughts and vocabulary, go fuck yourself. Someone should beat the hell out of your old man for not pulling out in time.

Anonymous said...

It's just another day of the year. Just like July 85th is just another day of the year in most of Northern Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so nothing new from you today or any day, Chimpy. I mean even gorillas can learn new words once in a while. You know tapioca, matlock, maude, and geezer. Lol

Anonymous said...

The Scooter tragedy, at first I thought they were talking about those nusiance BIRD scooters, which I thought wow, BIRDs dont usually end up in the metro that far south, but once I read the story and saw that it was a MOPED aka 49cc scooter I though of a millenial that stepped their game up from a Bird to a Vespa, I was shocked to see that a 57 year old was who was driving it. Just goes to show public transportation in KCMO suckes enough that a old dude was forced to drive home on a 49cc scooter at 12:45 AM . Thats close to the tiny house community for homeless Vets, I hope it wasnt one of those dudes. Glad the guy that hit him and killed him stopped, that usually doesnt happen in that part of the city.