Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Illegal Aliens Stay Winning Free Speech Fight

We often find that the plebs know very little about immigration law and mistakenly think a misdemeanor infraction negates basic human rights guaranteed to all people by the Constitution because the framer believed that freedom & liberty were actually bestowed by the creator and not government . . . Additionally, here's another interpretation:

Kansas Judge Throws Out Convictions Of Undocumented Immigrants, Ruling In Favor Of Free Speech

In a major ruling with implications for employers of undocumented immigrants, a federal judge in Kansas said a law making it a crime to "encourage" or "induce" such immigrants to live in the United States is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia's ruling concerned a law passed by Congress in 1952 and amended several times since.


NicK said...

WTF? Recruiting immigrant labor isnt speech its an unethical business practice

Anonymous said...

By the same logic, encouraging or inducing a person to steal a car, beat someone up or commit any other crime is free speech and not subject to prosecution. We'll see how this fares on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Calling them "undocumented" is disingenuous and an example of how modern journalism does not do seek the truth. The illegal aliens here were indeed "documented" as there are official court papers on them. Illegal is a better and more accurate word to use. Might not be the best but it's better than this head in the sand "undocumented"