Sunday, August 11, 2019

Heartland Farms & Politicos Earn Subsidy

Here's a glimpse that survival by way of "socialism" isn't some far away concept or threat but part of local culture and the political process despite election time rhetoric . . . Take a look:

Missouri, Kansas farmers, GOP official rely on federal money

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sixth-generation Kansas farmer Charles Atkinson said the millions of dollars in trade aid the federal government has funneled to local farmers doesn't fully make up for what growers have lost in recent years. "But it will help," he said, noting that many farmers are struggling to turn a profit.


Anonymous said...

See? Socialism works. Just not for the poor.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of how the red states take more from the Fed than they contribute, the opposite is true for blue states.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ spare us your stupidity

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^There you go again.

Anonymous said...

"^^^^ spare us your stupidity"

Don't worry. You couldn't absorb any more stupidity.

Maybe you could concentrate on how the Clintons killed Epstein while producing child porn in the DC pizza parlor.

Anonymous said...

Clintons? Why would they kill Epstein?
Neither of them partied with him and his underaged dollies!

Look around instead for a creep who fixates on his own daughter, having her sit on his lap in public as a teenager and telling reporters she's "Hot" and asking them if they don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Farming equipment purchases and maintenance, supplies, hired labor, insurance, and all else it takes to FEED persons, pets, and livestock AIN'T CHEAP! It's necessary for federal assistance to ease the income squeeze when production is low to non-existent for farmers. The costs of operations for the majority of family farms is reliant on steady incomes to meet the expenses, just like the living expenses of most non-farm wage earners requires steady paychecks to provide funds for food, shelter, transportation, etc.

Unemployment insurance benefits are available to qualified workers when there are layoffs, closures, etc. causing earnings to stop. Full to partial welfare is allotted to supposedly, qualified persons who can't or won't provide for themselves. So, farm subsidies should be available to qualified producers when the conditions permit assistance. Better to have enough farm expertise and resources at the ready, than to have FARMERS FUBAR'd FROM FARMING FOR US! We don't need too much foreign food here. We gotta have farmers able to buy big trucks and enough stuff to keep other industries thriving.

Anonymous said...

If farmers had a free market, a loaf of bread would be 5 bucks and hamburger would be 10 dollars a pound. The government keeps a lid on commodity prices so our food is cheap. The subsidies are a pittance of what they would get on an open, free market.
One of the reasons we are so well off in the USA is cheap food.