Saturday, August 10, 2019

Experts: Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Data Incomplete

More info shows the Courthouse process didn't follow their own rules and is inadequate at best . . . Take a look:

Analysts say JaxCo assessments skewed by missing information


Anonymous said...

Frankie boy is being told daily how bad this is and he’s still too stupid to admit it, now we find out they paid big money to an outside firm, then there’s that completely clueless former school board member who’s running the assessment dept. this is getting worse by the day, what a cluster fuck..... up next, forte and his failure to run the Jackson co. sheriffs department. I hear kcpd is pissed because there was a sheriff that shot somebody in the middle of town the other day, they weren’t supposed to be in the city, somebody out screwing around? Trying to pick up some hoe? Wait for the investigation on this one.

Hyperblogal said...

A skilled politician could have seen this mess coming 10 miles away in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, does anyone really think if we just pay whatever amount of taxes Jackson County says we owe and then our property values come down that we would get a refund of overpaid taxes? More likely we would be told to suck it up, the county needs the money now. Wait two more years for the next round of reassessments to catch up and get back on an accurate value. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of liberals together trying to figure out a solution for something they voted for.

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