Wednesday, August 14, 2019

EPIC Debate Over Shawnee LGBT Rights

A late night discussion of equality in the suburbs amid the continued effort to bring the furthest reaches of the metro into compliance with Federal law . . . Checkit:

As Leawood Prohibits Discrimination Against LGBTQ People, Shawnee Takes Up The Debate

After several hours of public testimony and discussion lasting well past midnight on Tuesday, a Shawnee City Council committee voted to move ahead with an ordinance protecting residents from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. City staff will now draft an ordinance to send to the full council for consideration.


Anonymous said...

Transgenders have a MENTAL DISORDER. We already have laws in place to prohibit discrimination against mentally disabled folks. Wouldnt that cover trannies?

Anonymous said...

You're the expert. Does it cover you?

Anonymous said...

The so-called “Christians” who attended last night to speak against the nondiscrimination ordinance were an embarrassment to humanity. That includes the Catholic priest and the state rep who refused to adhere to the 5-minute time limit even when asked multiple times to wrap it up. The namecalling and rude behavior from them while others were speaking is what one would expect from a first-grader. Nearly all of them were over the age of 70. I never knew there were so many hateful elderly in Shawnee. No wonder the chief of police and a police captain had to be there for crowd control.

Anonymous said...

Oh my someone went over they're five minute talking limit!?!? GET THE FAINTING COUCH READY!

Anonymous said...

Question for 10:15. What is the difference between gay and straight people? Is it their skin color, hair style, accent, or sexual practice?

Anonymous said...

If they don't know how to read a clock, they probably don't know the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction, and if they're over age 70, they're probably never going to learn either.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was at that meeting. All of the people who spoke out against the ordinance kept talking about how much they loathe the LGBTQ community. A lot of them were Catholic and they kept quoting the chatechism of the Catholic Church. I guess no one ever told them that not everyone is Catholic? One old guy kept talking about going to hell. It had nothing to do with a nondiscrimination ordinance. The state rep Mary Pilcher-Cook had emailed all her fellow parishioners from St Joe Catholic Church on Monday and told them to show up at the city council meeting because the city is going to pass a law forcing everyone to be gay. She’s NUTS. Read her twitter page. She’s facing a challenge next year for her seat in Topeka.

Anonymous said...

@10:15- You never knew that there were so many hateful elderly people in this town? have you read this blog?? It's chock full of em'. They are angry at the dimming of their light, and society in general's lack of interest in anything they have to say. They come here to bitch, complain, cry, rage and vent.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone approves of faggots sucking cock and buttfucking each other either.

Anonymous said...

But most people realize no one needs their approval, so they mind their own business.

Anonymous said...

@12:05-You seem to approve. You talk about it ALL the time.

Steve said...

And the degradation of society, it's culture, and the family unit continues...

Byron Funkhouser said...


If you don't want freedom for certain people, then how much do you have?

I don't think that they intend to ever go back into the closet.

Good for them.

Anonymous said...

@12:05. Hi, I saw you on the second row at last night’s meeting. You were the tall guy, receding hairline, black suit and a Roman collar. Thou dost protest too much.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yeah. Hurl the ultimate insult that fags throw at people who disagree with them: "You are GAY".

If that doesn't prove that they're nuts, I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

^^How about posting all day on a blog for dying geriatrics? That prove you're nuts?? Think so.

Anonymous said...

Silly nonsense chasing an issue that couldn't even be identified in these JoCo cities in the mistaken notion that somehow people's beliefs and behavior can be controlled by ordinances.
"Solving" a problem that doesn't exist.
Once these pilgrims "accomplish" rolling over the cowardly electeds on this issue, what's next on the "activist" agenda.
How about bathroom usage?
Or using the "appropriate" gender pronouns?
So many obscure issues;
so little time!
Onward social justice warriors!

Tracy Thomas said...

Since the issue was--does the city WAIT for the state to manage this? (Or the Supreme court eg October, 3 cases before it)--then the EXPERTS ELECTED TO DEAL WITH THIS, the state reps and senators, should have been accorded more time than just regular citizens. Like we do for every development project that comes before the city.

Commentary without evidence by citizens, opinions, should have been limited to 3 minutes rather than 5. That too is customary, when no new evidence is being provided. Just like Shawnee did, twice, when they held hearings till 1:30 in the morning at the Civic Centre, regarding the expansion of the Deffenbaugh Landfill.

This was a committee meeting, not full council. They mayor does not attend. And Mickey Sandifer, who is not running for reelection skipped out again--4 of the last 5 meetings. He should return his paycheck since he's basically a quitter and a coward. A member of St. Jo Parish who won't show up.

This event might also be called Stephanie Meyer's last hurrah. She is running for mayor--will lose her seat in western Ward 3. She did not even win her WARD in last week's mayoral primary. Meyer scheduled this dramatic showdown now as a campaign event. Wanted a big soapbox to show she is a liberal and considers herself the next Madeline Albright--she's in some national training program--where they just sent her to East Timor (pop. 3,147) to lecture third world natives about water management. Yet can't seem to get Nieman Now (aka Nieman Never) constructed. Or our stormwater pipes fixed. And lost 72% to 28% her "MeyerLago" Shawnee Community Center vote in May. Which also did not even win in her ward.

Never mentioned last night: An economic consequence, only for transgender protection.

Bradley Manning's reassignment transgender surgery cost taxpayers over $200,000. Being gay is not costly to employers. And there have been no issues there. But what if transgenders take jobs in order to demand $200,000 surgeries. Small businesses that are self insured (PEO's) can't cover those costs with existing premiums.

Someone did testify, being transgender is not confirmable by medical testing. It's a thought. A personal decision. And around 40% of transgenders, post surgery, commit suicide--when they realize it did not make them happy. The played chemical roulette, to the point of it being irreversible. Followed by surgical disfigurement--and they still do not have acceptable self esteem and love for themselves.

Anyone who thinks the LAW will end discrimination? Ask a middle manager turning 50 and losing his or her job about age discrimination. This won't solve the problems.

Discrimination ends, one hug at a time, one outed family member at a time. Just like race discrimination improves, one intermarriage at a time.

It did take alot of courage for two council members to vote no against the wishes of the majority of the crowd.

Who funds EqualityUnited? Isn't it George Soros, the despicable war criminal wanted in 3 countries, who secretly funds Indivisible? Which pretends to be 4 soccer moms from Prairie Village, volunteering in between getting their nails done, to run a web site, a printing press, and organize five marches a week? Soros is merely turning out the Democrat base for November.

Tracy Thomas said...

oh yeah, as for Mission Hills passing an NDO there? Not really a big win there. The city has no employees to speak of, farms out police and fire and courts. And exempted their only employer, Mission Hills Country Club!

Because it is a private social club. Where folks can associate without interference from any government.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Tracy except for the last ad hominem attack. A despicable person supporting a cause does not make that cause despicable.

Zackaree Foggyninji said...

This fiasco in Shawnee is an attempt by the mayor and council to retaliate against the residents for not approving Stephanie Meyer's Shawnee Community Center.

Anonymous said...

Are there that many faggots in Shawnee that this is worth making a fuss about?

Anonymous said...

4:11 et al: Ad hominem attacks on Tracy are no more valid than hers on Equality United are. Attack the post, not the poster.

Anonymous said...

It’s not an attack if it’s true. Everything in the post was 100%true. Court documents are a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

4:11 is probably Byron, he is such a stalker to anyone who uses their real name in this dump. But what do you expect from a mental nobody who our tax dollars pays to creep on everyone all day long.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to report Tracy Thomas’ 3:30 post to the moderator for removal. She has ad hominem attacks in her post on Mickey Sandifer, Stephanie Meyer, transgender citizens, Equality United, and soccer moms.

I demand her post be removed.

Anonymous said...

What rights do these people not already have that I do? NONE. There is no basis for this law except that it makes it impossible for a business to ever fire anyone or a landlord to believe these people will not be a good fit to rent to because all they ever have to say is "I"m Gay". Then the employer is fucked and gets stuck for the surgery cost.

Do what ever you want to do behind closed doors but keep it there!

Anonymous said...

5:13: It may be true, but it has nothing to do with her post.

Would you want all the true dirt out there about you put online every time you expressed an opinion?

5:22: NWOR

Anonymous said...

8:06pm It has everything to do with Tracy Thomas’s post. She bashed a number of people with her personal insults and unfounded conspiracy theories. There are documents from a federal court case where Ms Thomas sued for personal injury, stating she had psychological injuries from an 18-yr old ladder falling on her. Her judgement is suspect at best.

Perhaps a bigger question would be why TonysKC is rushing to hide info on Tracy Thomas, allows her ad hominem attacks, and removes truthful provable info that her credibility is diminished. Hmmmmmm......... is Tony married to Tracy?

Anonymous said...

OK, 7:11--
Your so called facts are in error about Tracy. Yes, she sued in federal court for personal injury. But did not state she had psychological injuries. She suffered a telescoping ladder injury, a crushed heel aka paratrooper's injury, a broken rotator cuff and a Traumatic Brain Injury, which was all documented. She receives ongoing neurofeedback for that.

Her reasoning abilities are in full force, every week on this site. You just hate that she exposed the outsider funding and interference with local elected government.

The ladder collapsed, it did not fall. After standing on it for two minutes, it suddenly collapsed, trapping her. Her foot was crushed like a paratrooper, in 20 pieces. She did not FALL. The ladder failed. Yes she sued for her injuries. That's what trials are about.

The judge, Thomas Marten, in the Wyandotte Federal court has a lifetime appointment, now on senior status since 2017. He did not want the case which the presiding judge had kicked to him. He is known around the jurisprudence community as a goofball. He bragged in court about playing his guitar with the Statler Brothers. He stated several times he had scheduled a date with another judge in Alabama for Super Bowl weekend, starting the night the trial was scheduled tond. He strongly encouraged Ms. Thomas's lawyers dismiss several witnesses to speed up the case SO HE COULD MAKE HIS FRIDAY 11AM PLANE.

He also effectively rigged the jury instructions--that's how judges steer a case to a desired conclusion. They write the order of consideration. He told the jury that they would have to find EVERY ladder in America defective BEFORE they were allowed, in deliberation, to consider ANY of Ms. Thomas's injuries or claims. Highly unusual. Made a judgment before allowing the jury to make theirs. Thus, instead of a true personal injury case, the judge effectively shifted the case to a class action case--no notice to plaintiff's attorneys, no national class, no witnesses for that.
No ability to enter evidence about other successful prosecutions of Telescoping Ladder Failure.

Big Ladder is just like Big Pharma.

The judge started Friday morning proceedings complaining that he had just had to pay $200 to change his plane ticket to 1pm. Signalling the jury he wanted a quick conclusion! He left the courthouse before lunch and went to KCI and his girlfriend in Alabama. Turning over the case, as the jury was just beginning to deliberate, to another judge! Preposterously unfair! THIS FEDERAL JUDGE --THOMAS MARTEN, WASN'T ILL, HE WAS HORNY. The jury was thus not allowed to send out any questions or ask for clarifications of that judge. The jury was also instructed in advance they could NOT speak to the plaintiff or her attorneys AFTER the case either. Highly irregular. So no benefit of what happened during deliberations or what was misunderstood. Ms. Thomas was represented by Brown and Crouppen, a very good firm that was blindsided as well.

As for your claims that Tracy made an ad hominem attack on soccer moms? Hilarious.
Gee, you left out Prairie Village. And perhaps nail salons.

The vitriol exhibited by 7:11 is indicative of the hardball that Equality United plays. Bashing any commenters who don't submit to their steamroller tactics. Digging up dirt from 2010, and distorting the facts. Intimidating local elected officials and FORMER local elected officials, like Ms. Thomas.

This tells TKC readers that Tracy makes a good argument. And arguments and opinions are allowed here. Tracy seems to have outed Equality United.

Equality United is funded by the likes of George Soros. A war criminal who funds the Democrat party nationally and sends in organizers to make headlines, mischief and picket. To GIN UP THE BASE OF DEMOCRAT single issue voters for the November elections. Otherwise, with 3 cases pending before the Supreme Court early this fall, why wouldn't reasonable people wait two months for THOSE rulings that will supercede any cities' unenforceable ordinances?

Anonymous said...

Good points, 8:21. Exactly what's the rush?

Did the outside Obama-style community organizers now called Equality United, (an insider riff on Citizens United, LOL) only do a temporary rental of their housing as they swept into this market to prop up losing Democrat candidates in the November elections? Including Stephanie Meyer? Who didn't even win her own ward in the mayoral primary Aug. 6th?

Anonymous said...

I guess Equality United picked that name because they couldn't call themselves Acorn again. The people who gave out free cell phones for votes.

Hey, I don't always agree with Tracy, but I do on this one. Outside influence is so obvious.

And the fact they are obsessed with her? Must be hitting close to the bone. Pun intended.

These NDO's sure seem to be a fad. Or a campaign, more likely. For single issue people.

Anonymous said...

7:30 last night is absolutely right.

How is an employer or a landlord supposed to defend themselves and their business or their property from bad actors?

We have no evidence of discrimination presented. Just fears. Insecurities.

Most bosses hire for performance. Don't care if you're gay, do your job. But now they would have to pay a fine for terminating someone with poor performance? Or get stuck with $200 grand in medical bills and time off work for someone who is just confused, and wants to try a new identity? But not just get counseling? Cut off their dick?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:30 last nite, and 8:35 above.

Most landlords just ask, can you pay the rent on time? They don't discriminate.

But what happens when a "bad actor", the RARE homosexual, starts strutting around with the drapes open, an exhibitionist, traumatizing the neighbors? Should the landlord then have to pay a fine to cancel that lease?

Anonymous said...

8:37am, if you really think that only a homosexual would, in your words, “start strutting around with the drapes open, an exhibitionist, traumatizing the neighbors”, you must have been raised isolated in a convent by nuns. Heterosexuals walk around unclothed, drapes open, all the time.

And just because you haven’t been discriminated against or observed it when it comes to housing, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. There’s a rental house on my street whose landlord won’t rent to anyone who is single or shacking up without a marriage license. They only rent to legally married couple with no more than 2 kids. I’ve visited with the landlord many times, he is proud to tell all about it.

8:21, Tracy, we all know you wrote that. Such drummed-up drama of accusations of judicial misconduct ! The horror ! You sued the judge and jury, correct? Lol lol lol !

Anonymous said...

What’s in the water in Shawnee? This thread is hysterical. Ya’ll are crazy.

If you want an interesting read, go to a blog called Shawnee Ray’s Ramblings. I don’t agree with him a lot of the time, but I get to follow along in local politics.

He doesn’t allow comments, but in Aug of 2009, he allowed a response by Tracy Thomas to be posted. Ms. Thomas’ fascination and commentary on the cleavage of a duly elected (at the time) female Councilmember is worth a read. I copied and pasted some of it so ya’ll can read for yourselves,.....

“Yes, it was pertinent, because of her unprecedented unprofessionalism.
In Shawnee's 153 years, we've never had a woman in the Council chambers dressed this way. Never.
If Dawn "Cleavage" Kuhn wants to come flounce into the council chambers dressed like a hooker, break a promise to the voters 20 years ago and now take $200 a piece from every homeowner in Shawnee, I say, YES, that certainly is pertinent. Where is she going to stuff all that ill-gotten money--in her bosom?
If Dawn 'Cleavage' Kuhn wants to lecture the public ad nauseum during the 2 hour Pity Party she and the council staged, to wear down the public that was there to be HEARD, YES, that is certainly pertinent.
Kuhn wants to be the next Mayor of Shawnee. She is not a college graduate, She resented that being mentioned, but it is a fact: only 3 of the Council are college graduates........”

Ya’ll can use google to find and read for yourselves but holy cow why is the size of someone’s cleavage remotely related to anything in the city of Shawnee.