Saturday, August 31, 2019

Drone Surveillance In Meth Town

Take a quick peek at po-po and their new toys keeping the good people of this community under very close watch whether they've done something wrong or not . . . Checkit:

Independence police deploy drones for SantaCaliGon Days

Independence police are using two drones to help protect large crowds at SantaCaliGon Days.Authorities said mass shootings in other cities prompted them to deploy the new technology."We're trying to improve security," Independence police Officer Jack Taylor said.Taylor is one of about five licensed drone operators on the force.


Anonymous said...

Unless the drones are armed, they can't do squat to stop shooters.
If the drones are armed, be sure your kids are in Kevlar head to toe!
But, feel safe everybody, we've got drones!

Anonymous said...

How do they plan on protecting anybody with a drone that has at max 30min flight time, I hope for the citizens sake that they have perfect satellite reception so the damn thing doesn’t fall from the sky and hurts someone. Surprisingly downtown independence is not in a flight zone or is in a restricted airspace...... but Harry Truman’s House is!

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Wesley and Inigo Montoya...
I don't think drones do what the Police think they do!
If only we had a Holocaust Cloak!

Anonymous said...

an unpredictable, virtual, moving boundary line for some, and yet not for others, weird!