Saturday, August 24, 2019


Shared by the best and brightest among this blog community . . . This town's top motivational speaker and one half of the strongest political power couple offers inspiration and her take on the current immigration conversation.


Diana Kander: An American Dream


Diana Kander is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, innovation specialist, and Jewish refugee from the Former Soviet Union.

Come hear Diana and her mother, Marina Kagan, share their family's journey from persecution, to safety and prosperity in Kansas City.

This event is part of Welcoming Week, a nationwide movement to bring together immigrants and native-born residents in a spirit of unity to build strong connections across their communities and affirm the benefits of welcoming everyone.

Light Reception Following, Vaad Certified

This free event is sponsored by Jewish Vocational Service, JCRB and the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City.


Sun, September 15, 2019
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT
Jewish Community Center


Anonymous said...

If she means legal immigration and not open borders, absolutely agree. It's actually encouraging that she's referencing the American dream. Lately, it's been sad to see so many immigrant advocates demand asylum while deriding the U.S. the entire time. At the very least it seems that she agrees this is a great nation that so many flock to for a better life.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

I guess the Dems have to refrain from their Russian conspiracy garbage at least for one post.

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

Join us for an evening of double-plus good-think.

Anonymous said...

That’s how lost and far out the Party looks more than a year from the general election. Back on dry land, the resourceful Golden Golem of Greatness made another flanking maneuver around the Resistance’s left, disarming the so-called Flores Rule from 1994 that underlay the racket of using children to evade the immigration laws. Now the kids can remain with their parents awaiting deportation, which is the natural consequence of sneaking across the border illegally. The Resistance cannot grok the reality that federal law actually applies in cases of border-jumping.


Not Mel Gibson said...

Jews love immigrants legal or otherwise --unless the topic is Israel. Then, border security becomes a God-given right.

Anonymous said...

Resist this Russian Manchurian candidate.

Anonymous said...

Will she also share her husband’s new strategy of becoming a cuck victim to maximize political gain?

Anonymous said...

Does this lady open her home up to these so call immigrants?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If she is for coming in Legally by our laws as a refugee or other, then that's great, but if she is talking about open boarders then she is against this country and against the American people and for lawlessness. As a jew women she should be republican. Democrats hate Israel and hate Jews, we have seen that numerous times with Barak Obama The Clinton's, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rasida Talib and many many others.

Anonymous said...

Oy Vey!

Can't these Panders keep their mouth shut and stay out of the media for more than a couple of days?

"Diana Kander is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, innovation specialist, and Jewish refugee from the Former Soviet Union."

This blog has previously documented how she faked her way onto the NY Times list with book laundry and bulk purchase schemes.
See here:

She's not really an entrepreneur! When she was still working as an attorney, she rode the coattails of one of her clients (a real entrepreneur) and got rich through his generosity.

An innovation specialist? What a joke! She was given that gig at the UMKC Bloch Business School through her Jewish connections. Pretended to be an entrepreneurial expert, made more connections, got on the speaking circuit, and faked her way through the whole thing by reading a lot of other people's books. Large corporations waste a lot of money to have quacks like this come in and talk for an hour or two in an attempt to keep their employees entertained.

Both Panders are shallow narcissists, chasing their own tail, believing the lie that NYC, Washington D.C., and Hollywood are the best places to live.

Anonymous said...

The guy is done, he can no longer win elective office, so please just go away!

Retro ROCKER said...

3 :10 is on point .

Anonymous said...

Just another dumb liberal cunt.