Saturday, August 31, 2019


KCMO taxpayers will be paying top dollar to keep these pachyderms in captivity. Never mind that Zoo life brings out the worst in these animals and has met with activist opposition . . . Here's the plan for another local lockup that critics believe demonstrates the cruelty to modern society against living beings who should be free . . . Read more:

Kansas City Zoo to spend $10 million on elephant exhibit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Kansas City Zoo is planning a $10 million renovation of its elephant exhibit. The project announced this week will include easier access to the pool for the elephants, as well as adding shade and softer ground for the animals to walk on.

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Anonymous said...

We should do away with the zoo, and all the money spent on such a rediculious attraction for humans to be able to take a look at non violent primitive animals who would rather be back in the wild than be here!, and put that money into catching porch monkeys who love to kill each other. The real zoo is this local city government and the fact they have no control over their city. Funny how the last city leader resembled a Monkey and the new city leader resembles the last city leader. hmmm KCMO is going places voters!! Keep it dark, keep it real - keep on doing what you are doing (voting wise) and you will keep getting in this shit town what you have been getting.