Monday, August 05, 2019

Could Border Wall Campaign Funding Crisis Stop Kris Kobach Senate Run?!?!

Allegations from progressive watch dogs confront the Kansas alt-right Conservative . . . Meanwhile, it's establishment Republicans who are relieved that this former rising star has encountered nearly universal resistance in his hopes for higher office. Read more:

Kobach Campaign Can't Get Its Story Straight on Allegedly Illegal Fundraising Tactic

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is being accused of illegally using a nonprofit group he advises to raise money for his 2020 Senate run. Faced with the accusations, Kobach's campaign can't seem to get its story straight.


Anonymous said...

You run, Kris. Don't pay any attention to naysayers. What do they know?

Lee Wood said...

Run, Kris, Run!

Keep going and never stop. Take on those Republicans first and foremost. They are selling you out. You need to go after them and rip them apart. Whip your own party into shape to get the nomination and then you'll get all the support you need for the general.

You can win, Kris! Just believe in yourself!

Anonymous said...

And yet, the Jihadi Squad's AOC and Omar are being investigated for campaign money shenanigans. So, how about Kobach marries his sister, and files joint taxes for a couple years with a different woman he claims he's married to, but he's not? Oh, that's right. He's not frauding to get citizenship for Somalian relatives!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ They ain't our Reps, stay on point here. If there's an issue there, the voters in their district will deal with it.

KKKris can't stop won't stop.

Anonymous said...

Start a "nonprofit" then steal from it, worked for Greitens, why won't it work for Kobach?

Probably going to be the Republican norm from now until Trump overthrows the US Government completely.

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Anonymous said...

KKKobach is a racist dum dum