Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Community Help As Another Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Deadline Awaits

Important insight as THE COURTHOUSE PROPERTY TAX HOT MESS THREATENS TO REMOVE PEOPLE FROM THEIR HOMES . . . And locals continue to push back against local leadership on the issue. Read more:

Final meetings scheduled to help Jackson County homeowners ahead of tax appeal deadline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With the deadline to file a property tax appeals quickly approaching, community members are offering last-minute legal assistance around Jackson County. Attorneys, real estate agents and council members met Tuesday at Mattie Rhodes Center in the Northeast to help homeowners fight assessment increases.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to kick some of those Hyde Park freeloaders out so we can come in and take over their houses. You know who you are. Right baldy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man I am so excited for the upcoming property tax auctions!!! We will be as white as Portland once Frank White is finished!

Frank White reverses white flight with tax hike!

Anonymous said...

Th whole inner core will be a giant foreclosure-tax auction circus in three years.

Detroit did the same thing. Dished out tax incentives to corporations for decades, raised taxes, then when the real estate market went under water people got stuck with the tax bills which where not adjusted.

Anonymous said...

Mid July 22,000 appeals. "Everythings not up to date in Foxy News"

Let's get up to date where it's about heading north of 40,000.

Anonymous said...

So in other words the whole corrupt fraud is continuing and nothing will be done to reform it.