Thursday, August 22, 2019


The global economy doesn't care about stupid American politics.

Efficient markets have little regard for racial harmony, family values, deities or whatever fake social construct motivates the plebs and their silly superstitions. Because when it comes down to it, people without cash will eat each other or the family pet amid harsh times.

But it's not all tough talk from this basement bunker . . . There's actually a bright side . . .


Maybe they won't hold hands in the bread lines but the commonality is important.

Nationally, the right-wing chatter against economic slow down has been fueled by talk of conspiracy & political sabotage.

Closer to home . . .


Here's the word with plenty of deets about a budget that has been STRUCTURALLY UNSOUND for nearly a decade:

"We're now moving toward 1/4th of all KCMO taxes going to debt service and we've never been more dependent on the earnings tax. We're still giving away almost $150-MILLION a year in TIF and other incentives. The culture of Kansas City's government is dependent on economic prosperity. Without the current and rising levels of revenue coming in, KC would quickly find itself overextended and still in need of a great deal of infrastructure repair and maintenance."

Accordingly . . .


There's a precedent for this . . . During the subprime crisis that nearly killed capitalism, right-wingers were apt to blame the broke-ass marks who defaulted rather than the elite bankers who made the bad loans and profited handsomely by way of "too big to fail" government debt forgiveness.

From the opposite end of the spectrum, the so-called paper-of-record refused to acknowledge the economic slowdown for years in order to praise the "blessed" Prez Obama years.

Meanwhile, a great many locals saw their retirement funds cut drastically and years of financial progress vanished thanks to Wall Street fuzzy math.

IF there's a recession this time around, the only thing for certain is that the rhetoric and reporting will be even worse whilst partisan hacks attempt to blame one another for harsh times that have more to do with the rise of China as a global super power.

Check the links . . .

Fox News: Sean Hannity: Media, Democrats 'want people to suffer' in recession so Trump loses in 2020

CNBC: Trump reverses course, says he’s not considering tax cuts, because of ‘strong economy’

Politico: Trump team braces GOP donors for a potential ‘moderate and short’ recession

Vox: How bad would a recession be for Trump in 2020? 8 experts weigh in.

The Hill: Soaring deficits could put Trump in a corner if there's a recession

CNN: Bonds flash another recession warning sign, even as Dow rallies 240 points

The Atlantic: That old truism of American politics—“It’s the economy, stupid”—could come back to haunt the money-minded president in 2020.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

TKC far too cynical. You still don't get it after all these years. There's no recession as long as KC taxpayers are footing the bill.

Johnston said...

Don't blame China. They actually don't have the power to move global markets as much as many neophytes think. The recession is about socialism and, yes, immigration. Prez Trump is the only person doing anything to try to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

The Demoncrats hate the successes of President Trump so much they are rooting for a recession. That is how sick that party is. Never vote for a Demoncrat they are traitors to the American people.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Buck stops here. If it's on his watch, he owns it. Same thing happened to him during the shut down and he had more support back then.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for me I got my bitcoin! That's like Gold baby!

- KC creative class

Anonymous said...

But... but... he's THE CHOSEN ONE! He'd never lead us astray.

Anonymous said...

Most of the cable news clowns and Dems who are wringing their hands (in glee) over a Trump recession don't even have any idea of what an "inverted yield curve" in the bond market is.
It's all just a part of the same old 'BREAKING NEWS" that's thrust in the public's face 24/7.
The economy has always gone up and down and always will.
Get a grip!

chuck said...

The economy may, or, may not be heading for a correction, but, make no mistake about it, Democrats and the media will sell it 24/7 in order to make it happen faster, slow down spending in an effort to push the economy off of the rails.

6:19 is right, as Bill Maher and many of the bobble heads on Cable TV joyfully tout the news of a coming recession, they know they will still be able to make car payments, bribe college professors to admit their retarded children into Yale, buy new houses and fart through silk on vacation in St. Barts.

Recessions destroy the hopes and dreams of Americans in all strata of life, well off suburbanites right down to the denizens of inner cities who supplement their welfare with part time jobs. Democrats and Deep State scum who - behind the scenes refuse to ratify economic polices, slow roll enforcement of initiatives that help the economy, while continuing to gut the middle class with labor from overseas, should be shot fuckin dead at dawn.

Wall Street is related to Main Street by way of your 401k's and the Stock Market. Wall Street's formidable rise to riches so dramatically over the last 30 years has come at the expense of your neighbor's decent paying job in the 70,000 factories and 7 million jobs that were lost in the push for "Globalization". While the whole world, expects Americans to spread their ass again for another T-Rexxing in search of even more displacement of the middle class, Trump said NO!

You don't have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to understand that Democrats support the continuation of the destruction of the middle class in order to maintain power, money and sinecure for them and their buddies on Wall Street.

Why is it, that the Koch Brothers, Republicans for decades, now support Democrat candidates?

The biggest company the world has ever known, GOOGLE and their many similar Tech Brothers in Arms, Facebook, Apple, Twitter etc. are GLOBALIST COMPANIES WITH NO AND I MEAN NO LOYALTY TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THEIR FOREIGN SHAREHOLDERS AND THE BOTTOM LINE.

They fuckin hate Americans who live here and seek a decent paying job that would effect their bottom line.

It's ok, to pay more for a TV, for groceries etc. if your neighbor, the people you are seeing in the street, your fellow Americans actually have jobs.

It is NOT our fuckin job to supply health care for the entire fuckin world morons.

We are being destroyed from within by forces, dark, sinister, evil forces behind a Deep State curtain.

It is what it is.

Wall Street is NOT main street.

Anonymous said...

There have been recessions in most every decade, sometimes more than one. They come and they pass. The sun will come up tomorrow whether or not we have a recession.

Anonymous said...


Except sanity.

And embracing white power.

Anonymous said...

Chuck--if you claim credit for the good times, you have to accept blame for the bad, even if you're THE CHOSEN ONE.

But you are right. Wall Street is not Main Street.

Anonymous said...

Farting through silk is awesome! You're just jealous because you can't hear anything through your fucking Depends.

chuck said...

7:37 I know you're scared, you should be.

It is decades past time, to end Racial legislation designed to discriminate against white people.

It is long past time, for white people, who are a small minority in the world and will within 10 years be a minority here in America, to form organizations exactly like Black people form. Exactly like brown people form. Exactly like Muslim people form. Exactly like Asian people form.

Those organizations, from "The Black Caucus", to "La Raza", to "CAIR" etc. encourage and insist on black people supporting blacks and voting for people who have black skin. "La Raza" supports and insists that brown people support and vote for people with Brown Skin. White people are hated 24/7 throughout the New America.

White people sure as hell better wake up and smell the black coffee, or see their children consigned to a fate similar to those whites in South Africa and in cities all over America, where it is open season of whites in the streets.

Tommy Robinson is actually in jail in England.

Think about that.

Europe is headed for bloody civil war, or, Dhimmitude status for white people.

The new America, makes bank on hating whitey. Just like you.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is right.

One idea that comes to mind about spreading the good

How many years did people hear about a “rising
stock market” while things got worse and worse?

All the TV and radio pundits talking about how
Wall Street was showing record gains, while the
plant down the road was being boarded up.

Don’t know about others here, but I let all of
this go in one ear and out the other. I wasn’t in
the casino. I didn’t want to be.

I’m sure that there’s a whole lot of persons
who’s circumstances are improving. Harness
that. None of them probably gave a shit about
Wall Street, particularly when their house was
being foreclosed on.

Let them know, regarding Wall Street.

It didn’t help you then. It won’t hurt you now.

And, we know that you won’t shed any tears
if they finally have their turn at sucking it up.

Our turn is over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I voted for Obama once lol

Anonymous said...

7:43, if you can't contribute to the discussion or understand it, at least try to make your baby-insults make sense.

Anonymous said...

Racism you guys! Isn't everyone yelling racism now? Come on! White supremacy!! Don't these empty words fire you up?? It's better than an actual argument!

Paul Drake said...

8:20 The death of irony in America. It is ok to be racist if you are any color other than white.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

You mean needless tariffs, an unfunded tax cut, forever wars, & reckless military spending are bad for the economy? Who knew? If only we had a very successful businessman, a swamp-drainer and a master negotiator as our president! Then none of this would be happening! Dang our luck!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yeah, sure, let's get back to those great years with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Given a choice between a recession and Marxists I take a recession over Marxists any day.

The left is aiming to turn everyone into equally destitute slaves; the leftists would be fat cats, rationing for everyone else. The leftists have already started - restricting access to the public square and services.
If I know Federal Reserve this bunch of clerks is engineering the next catastrophe right now as we speak; Federal Reserve has to be shut down.

Anonymous said...

Dems don't care what happens to the country as long as they regain the White House. Destroying the economy is fine with them, Obama did it and told the country it was the new norm and it would take a magic wand to bring it back. Trump must have a big wand, he brought back jobs, industry and the economy. Obama had no idea of what to do. In Illinois he never introduced bills, he voted "present" on everything. He ran the country into the ground because he hated the idea of American Exceptionalism and wanted to put Americans in their place. He did that. Then Hillary lost in 2016 and the dems couldn't bring themselves to realize they supported another loser. Trump must gave colluded with Russia. Twenty five million dollars wasted on the Meuller Investigation, with Hillary planting the seed of collusion with the Steele Dossier. Dummies.

Anonymous said...

What's even more disconcerting than the maniacal libtards praying for a recession is the fact that Big Tech likely has the tools (as well as the unhinged hatred for Trump and his supporters) to trigger it.

Anonymous said...

9:09 for the Winner

Anonymous said...

When unemployment increases people die. Heart attacks, stokes, panic attacks that lead to accidents, suicide. For every 1% increase in unemployment 40,000 people die. Naturally Marxists don't care. They want to bring down the system. Democrats want to bring down Trump. The MSM just want a story that attracts viewers. The Deep State wants to maintain control.

Millions lose their jobs and tens of millions have a bad Christmas, but hey who cares, as long as Joe Biden can have the power he has always dreamt of.

Anonymous said...

These commie democrats created the housing bubble which attributed to the obama catastrophe. Now these fucking criminals keep harping about recession in hopes the American people stop purchasing goods which would trigger a recession. The American people aren’t that stupid. The only cure for this commie traitor problem is to start executing them for crimes against the American people after all everything they do hurts us our families and our country so why can’t we eliminate them from our lives.

Anonymous said...

Yes, signs everywhere of Recession! Recession! Recession! now that Russia! Russia! Russia! and Racism! Racism! Racism! have lost their punch in pushing Trump's approval rating down.
The domestic economy is strong however, in contrast to other countries that are facing recession partly from having to play on a level field in the global economy. The Media/Democrat alliance is doing everything possible to shake American's confidence and perhaps thus cause a recession using the power of suggestion. It's a reminder of their attempts to downplay the dismal economic news under Obama while overselling his attempts to stimulate it, but the economy seems to increasingly have a mind of it's own these days and that is a source of great consternation and despair for the Democrats and the meddling, manipulative media colluding with them.

The MedialeftDems are going to be back in their element if Trump (God Forbid) loses in 2020, they will get to go back to telling the Country how great the economy is growing at .5 %, how race relations magically repaired themselves, how our standing in the world is so much better now that China can do whatever they want to US, how Russia is now a friend again, how our Military can resume downsizing, and how White men have been put back in their places.
These stories will almost write themselves.

Anonymous said...

9:07-9:21: Do you have an actual life, guy?

Anonymous said...

Trump fucked a porn star and paid her to keep quiet=Lib lie!
Russia interfered in our elections to benefit trump=Lib lie! Deep state!
Trump obstructed justice in the Russian int probe=Lib lie! Deep state!
Unfunded corporate tax cuts explode the deficit and cause recessions=Lib lie!
Trump is not actually building the wall=Lib lie!
The country is headed into a recession entirely caused by Trump=Lib lie!, Deep state!
The American people actually pay the tariffs, not China, therefore they become a tax on the American consumer =Lib lie!
Trump lost the popular vote=Lib lie and deep state conspiracy!
Obama's inauguration had way more people=Lib lie!

I see. Everything negative is someone else's fault, and a deep state conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President. Gotcha!

Super Dave said...

Chuck and 9:09 say it loud and very clear.

Simple Dave said...

I've got a g-g-g-good brain!!!

Anonymous said...

10:45 stop being such an ass.

Anonymous said...

Herp derp....ugh...duh...a....hay's...a...doy...dugh...stupid lover n and stuff...yep...burp...duh...doy...herp derp.

Anonymous said...

^^Look another ass has appeared but more than likely the same jackass.

chuck said...

White Americans are now perilously close to becoming a powerless minority ruled over by aliens who cherish a carefully cultivated resentment—not to say hatred—toward us. If nothing is done to change the trajectory in which our society is moving, it is hard to see how our children can avoid outright physical persecution as Chuck mentions in his comment.

The hostile elites who rule over us, of course, paint a different picture. Even as they triumphantly celebrate America’s growing racial diversity, they are incredulous any whites could imagine their group is being replaced: That is a “conspiracy theory,” perhaps a symptom of mental illness. Nonwhites are, indeed, growing in numbers and power, but somehow, simultaneously, whites are not losing out in any way. Indeed, we enjoy enormous unearned privilege. The real danger to America is white supremacy, a “sinister ideology” (Donald Trump), a “depraved evil” (Ted Cruz) now said to be on the rise.

The two sides in America’s looming struggle now live in such different mental universes that communication between them has become almost impossible. One reason for this mutual incomprehension is language. Popular political discourse is filled with expressions meant not to communicate, but to manipulate. The Main Stream Media does indeed, as Chuck says, "Hate you white boy".

Power is acquired by way of hatred of "Whitey" and it is the only weapon available in times where the economy is going strong. The New York Times comes right out and says, that it will promote the faux ascendance of the threat of "White Supremacy" - KKK style and even admits it is a lie during the meeting where an agreement is made, to report the those same lies.

Sick, dangerous times await white people.

Those idiot suburban white ladies who vote for the destruction of their very own children amaze me more than anything.

Anonymous said...

7:37, 7:43, 10:45 & 10:49
Intelligent people try to motivate and help others. They do this because they are not afraid of being overshadowed. They have a healthy level of confidence and are smart enough to accurately assess their own competence.

Stupid people on the other hand tend to badmouth others in order to look better themselves. They believe themselves to be above everyone else and are always quick to judge. Prejudice is very much not a sign of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Chuck get some new material. We've all heard this countless times. You're boring.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the more ignorant "articles" i've seen on tkc. There's no recession coming even though it's what people want because they don't like trump. I don't care who's president because it doesn't affect my life, but it's weird to see people rooting for one when there's no sign the US is headed toward that and any comparison to 2008 is retarded.

2008 happened due to lax home lending. Basically, anyone with a pulse could get a mortgage back in the mid-2000s and it turns out not everyone can bear the responsibility of a mortgage. That's definitely not the case now because the barrier to enter home ownership has risen considerably. The people pushing recession haven't been right about much of anything and they're just trying to sell you something.

There's going to be a lot of people making money off this "recession" scare.

Anonymous said...

^^^ not at all. 3rd person even!

Retro ROCKER said...

Watch out for 2021. Cash will be king. If you are in Debt now you better get out The unemployment rate will go up in some City's and inflation and The Liberals taxes .Will extract your wealth. You have a couple of years to prepare.

Anonymous said...

11:10: Agree totally, but we're stuck with Trump at least until Jan. 2021. Perhaps then we can get someone who meets your definition of "intelligent" and is not stupid. And who does not badmouth others in order to look better themselves and believe themselves to be above everyone else and are always quick to judge and is full of prejudice, which is very much not a sign of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^See one of the stupid ones

Anonymous said...

Can any of you Trumpkins tell me how the libs, progressives, Joe Biden, the deep state and the main stream media were able to invert the yield curve. Twice. I'll wait. This should be good.

Anonymous said...

^^ What you can't see it for yourself? If we have to explain how they did it I doubt you would understand it. It's basic 101 economics.

Anonymous said...

9:28 I like it! “The Three R’s” is the rally cry for the dummocraps!




What will they accuse him of next! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"Repetition" @12:41 - like calling "origins""oranges" three times in a speech at a Rally last week, then "Ridiculous" for quoting "General Douglas McGareth" yesterday.

After that, no more "R" words, just "Patient Number 6035728".

Anonymous said...

^^Ha! +10000! 12:41Pm Just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

12:28: No. We can't see it for ourselves. Please enlighten us. I can't wait.

Charles Whitman said...

I'm a Democrat, but I've never voted for a Democrat for president. There are no Democrat candidates,IMO, that can do as well for the USA than Trump. Yang is the most interesting.

Anonymous said...

^^you mean like Trump making us the laughing stock of the world, busting the federal deficit wide open, refusing to end the forever war, making an ass of himself every time he opens his mouth, golfing every weekend on the taxpayers dime, fucking porn stars, and paying to shut them up, cozying up to despots all over the world? Yea, there really is nobody that can do that as well as Trump. You said it!

Anonymous said...

3:20 Troll turd. Your ignorance and TDS is showing.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ 1000 zillion trillion billion million

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And yet you can't respond with a reasoned rebuttal. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^Nor can you so shut the hell up!

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet you're the one disagreeing with 3:20 and can't respond with anything but name calling. 'Zat you, Corporal Bonespurs?

Anonymous said...

Trump is an idiot, sucked at school, sucked at business, sucks at golf, sucks at marriage, sucks at public speaking, sucks at diplomacy with foreign leaders, if you still support president dum dum you've been watching too much Fox news.