Thursday, August 29, 2019

Clay County Sheriff Stays Winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS For Budget

Audit hot mess earns just a bit of resolution as Northland locals continue their delightful social media trolling of their public officials. Judge says Clay County 'intentionally manipulated' sheriff budget, orders $1M payment. Take a look:

Judge orders Clay County to restore sheriff's budget

A judge has ordered the Clay County Commission to restore nearly $1 million to the sheriff's budget to help pay for inmates' food and health care, after the sheriff claimed two members of the commission "drastically underfunded" his most recent budget because of "political conflict" and "retaliation."Judge Daren Adkins ordered


Anonymous said...

Ridgeway and Owen lose another one!

Anonymous said...

Clay county is a worse place to live than 63rd and MLK Blvd.