Thursday, August 29, 2019

Clay County Annex Confronts Activist Rage

Critics claim this was an "illegal" meeting and a sketchy vote whilst the Clay County Audit FB page supplies a great deal of criticism and some pretty funny bullying of public officials . . . Take a look at Northland middle-class proving local government doesn't work as we continue to contend that all of this drama was inspired by an expensive coffee machine . . . Read more from the best round-up of the sitch so far:

Commission approves purchase of North Brighton Avenue property for future Annex

CLAY COUNTY - After a contentious and long meeting Wednesday, Aug. 28, rife with accusations of unfairness, wasting of taxpayer money and questions about the payment disbursement's and special meeting's legality, a majority of Clay County commissioners went ahead with a purchase of property to be the home of a new county Annex.


Anonymous said...

Come on Luanne, get busy and post here your usual spew about how corrupt Nolte is - we need a good laugh!

One question for both you and Gene - HAVE YOU TWO NO SHAME?

You both have demonstrated over and over that you feel nothing but contempt for the residents of Clay County, and are unwilling to answer questions or listen to anything they say, so why bother trying to make up feeble excuses for your actions?

You don't care, you don't care who knows it, so why lie?
Surely you realize that your political careers are over, that your actions have turned the people against you, that you have made yourselves laughingstocks, so why even bother commenting?

Anonymous said...

Glad you asked.
The Nolte crime story is developing.
After Nolte's brother was shot to death in Gladstone in a probable drug robbery, Nolte's sister tried to cover up the investigation by calling elected officials around the area.
Tipster insiders are coming forward with details. Nutle Jerry has made many enemies in the northland because of his attitude and behavior of pandering to developers and big business interests at the expense of voters.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the problems of having only 3 elected officials. You can have the same problem with 5 or more but it is less likely. There are a lot of obscure water, ambulance, fire and other districts in MO that have only 3 members. Some are well run but it is much more likely that 2 members will collude to do unethical things.

Anonymous said...

What favors does Nolte perform for contributions?




Craig Porter $5,000.00

Cerner $5,000.00

Ford $4,500.00

KCP&L $2,500.00

JE Dunn $1,000.00

Noranda Aluminum $1,000.00

Jesse James said...

A Wise Comment from TKC link -

2/6/19, 10:31 AM

Anonymous said...
I fully support this audit.
However, I am disturbed by the motivations of those driving the audit and Galloway's behavior. Most auditors quietly go about their work and in the end release an audit report. This auditor, Galloway, started off by grandstanding in press releases and interviews. She has made disparaging comments about the County, some commissioners, and staff. She has joined in with a group led by Jason Withington and Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte. Jason Withington is not held in high esteem by anyone except himself. He has no credibility in the community and has his own political ambitions. Nolte is using the audit in retribution against the other commissioners that he doesn't get a long with. The whole audit effort was deeply political at the start. It isn't about a group of citizens desiring a well run county. It is an effort to drive two people out of office and make Nolte and Withington prosper politically. Although the results of an audit may result in findings that reflect poorly on people, including office holders, and even criminal charges, this should not be the motivation. Galloway should have recognized this and insulated her office from it. Instead, she has behaved very unprofessionally and she now has no credibility.
Now we have Senator Arthur introducing legislation making it possible to remove the two targeted commissioners. Senator, you are pandering to Withington and Nolte.
To date, I don't see anyone wanting to do an audit. This is about Nolte, Withington, Galloway, and Arthur wanting to get two commissioners thrown out of office.
I think Galloway should step back and hire a third party audit firm to complete a professional audit.

Anonymous said...

If I, merely a Clay County resident and taxpayer may make a suggestion.

If Commissioner Owen is correct that the present Annex cannot be expanded, why not move those offices temporarily to leased space in the vacant ex-K Mart store less than a mile away, tear down the existing annex, and build the new one there, rather than at a location ridiculously close to the County Courthouse?

Or, if that is not close enough to the northern part of the County, why not buy the undeveloped "Anne Garney Park" land near Staley High School and build there? Kansas City is doing nothing with that land, and should be glad to get it off their books.

Anonymous said...

Interesting non-factual statements, @10:33, now let's hear the details of Luanne's stint in a Nevada Bordello till she aged out, and Gene's conviction for statutory Rape.

If you want to make up shit, why not make it juicer?

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the $18 million dollar annex building. The county seat required to be in Liberty will just be that, but the power will shift to the new annex. The old asbestos courthouse needs to become a museum.

Robert Ford said...

We don't need to worry about he new $18M annex building. Bob Nance and Victor Hurlbert are going to hold it up. And even if they do purchase the property somehow it will be 9 to 12 months before it even gets to KCMO P&Z. No shovel will hit the ground as long as Gene and Luann are in office.

Anonymous said...

^^^ But the $18 million will "mysteriously vanish" before they leave office, won't it?

Anonymous said...

Prison is full of people who think they are smarter than everyone