Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Celebrating The Kansas City B-List

More of a magazine promo but we like the personal stories about rubbing elbows with cowtown heroes, it's quaint and kinda pathetic like all good local feature writing. Take a look:

Charismatic new mayor Quinton Lucas and SNL star Heidi Gardner are reppin' KC well

Screenland Armour Photo by Samantha LevineNext year will mark 20 years since I walked into my college newspaper office and applied for a job so I could get free tickets to review a Pearl Jam concert. Although I eventually gravitated toward harder-hitting journalism, I've never stopped writing about culture, which is why I've interviewed my fair share of famous people....


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What to say about this atrocious article from Martin Cizmar?

It's generally always a bad sign when a writer begins by talking about themselves and the "famous people" they've hung out with through the years.

And then there's that reliance on hip slang like "reppin'" which should have been dropped following graduation from the college newspaper.

With skills like these, Mr. Cizmar is sure to be landing a position with local TV news as an investigative reporter. "Mayor Lucas....Mayor Lucas, what is your favorite color?"

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. Go find something better to do. How come you don't have any friends you can bore with this tripe?

Anonymous said...

Chimpy on the case! Where are the greatest hits? Matlock, Maude, tapioca! Entertain us!!!