Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Celebrate Gen-Z Hipsters Blighting Midtown Kansas City With Their Branding

A biz news profile of upstart local apparel marketing youngsters who have dedicated themselves with pasting their brand on a variety of different locations around the metro rather than pay for traditional advertising. Check a look at their campaign in this confessional and realize that if they weren't middle-class guerrilla marketing gurus, the denizens of all those silly spy-tech apps might be complaining about them . . . You decide . . .

Spray can inspiration: 'Streets wear the brand' for graffiti-influenced Clever Fools

It's a brand already plastered across the Crossroads Arts District, skating with increasing reach into the broader Kansas City fashion scene, Clever Fools creator Alex Trinkle said. All courtesy of guerrilla marketing and effectively mysterious social media for the clothing line. "The streets actually wear the brand," said Trinkle, echoing the brand's motto.

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