Monday, August 05, 2019


Here's an overly excited bit of propaganda from the mostly useless public television "magazine" on the topic of local spay paint art that's paid for by non-profits supported by taxpayers.

Even worse, the white progressives running KCPT are tagging theses artists as "Latinx" which is social justice garbage invented by college professors. Pretty much all of the artists were born in the U.S. and share Hispanic, Latino, Mexican heritage BUT the trendy verbiage is important for social media relevance.

Anyhoo, like all things, some of the art is great, most of it's trash but nearly all of it is paid for by local taxpayers and doesn't really represent much of a risk for anybody who goes along with a token effort to typecast a continually growing segment of the local population . . . Take a peek:

What More Latinx Murals in KC Mean For Representation

For Kansas City artist Emily Alvarez, painting images of people like her and her family helps establish their place in society. Alvarez's works are on display in several public spaces, such as the Aquatic Center locker room for the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri and another two at Bridge Space, a coworking space in Lee's Summit.


Anonymous said...

Looks cool to me. Latinx or not.

Damn good stuff!

Anonymous said...

So long to machismo, this latinx.