Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Perspective . . . This local news probably impacts more people than any political or culture war drama, check the deets and receipts:

Hy-Vee investigates possible data breach

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Keep an eye on your bank statement. Hy-Vee says the company is looking into what it calls "a security incident involving its payment processing systems." This is focused on card transactions at some Hy-Vee gas pumps, drive-through coffee shops and restaurants.


Anonymous said...

I never get my gas from a grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Hy-Vee does a great job with their grocery stores but it seems Hy-Vee Gas is run by an entirely different company. Stepchild department or subsidiary. Out of order notes on slow gas pumps. Stale next day hot dog buns brought from store next door. Do not carry Perrier and San Pellegrino when all QT's do. It feels like the c-store gets the leftovers from the grocery store across the parking lot. QT is the GOLD standard. Hy-Vee should do it right or get out of it.

Anonymous said...

Well that statement is totally fucking helpful. Thank you for nothing, Hy-Vee.