Monday, August 05, 2019

Bulletproof Backpacks Selling In Kansas City

Amid an exceptionally divisive discourse, a rise in mass shootings and EVIDENCE that gunfire can impact lives across the metro . . . Here's the "back to school" gear trending among people who watch too much cable TV news. Take a look:

Kansas City retail store now selling bullet-resistant backpacks

PLATTE COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- As back-to-school shopping begins, parents might find a new item at office supply stores. An Office Max in Platte Woods in the only store in the Kansas City area that sells bulletproof backpacks. One mother said she thinks her children are safe at the school they attend, but see's the other side of the argument.


Anonymous said...

Along with bullet siding the little welfare checks should be pretty safe.

Anonymous said...

Bullet-Resistant Backpacks

Because criminals always wait for you to turn around, and then aim for the backpack!

Still don't believe the public is being dumbed-down?

Anonymous said...

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Hyperblogal said...

We should be so proud.