Thursday, August 29, 2019

Activist Media Blitz Amid Kansas City Homicide Spike 2019

SADLY, the only talk of "solution" locals are hearing is more chatter from so many of the urban core "activists" who share the same politics with their progressive media counterparts. Here's one example out of many:

Kansas City Grasps For Solutions To A 4-Year Wave Of Gun Violence

Eight-year-old Brian Bartlett was asleep in his home earlier this month when someone sprayed dozens of bullets into his bedroom. While his death was shocking, Kansas City is now four years into a wave of increased killings and officials are grasping for solutions. Police quietly shifted their anti-violence strategy months ago.


Anonymous said...

We all know what the solution is but that would be racist so.....

Anonymous said...

Have there been aNY murder charges filed on anyone this year ?