Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Will SecState Pompeo Save Kansas Republicans From Kris Kobach Cringe?!?!

A question that mostly plagues the mind of Democratic Party strategists inside the Beltway and RINOs who don't want to get divorced from their pink hat wearing wives . . . Yes, even in the Summer. Take a look:

Will Mike Pompeo run for office again? Some Trump advisers believe he already is.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the crisis in Venezuela, the trade wars with China, his relationship with President Donald Trump and his love for Kansas in a 20-minute interview with McClatchy's Bryan Lowry and Lindsay Wise. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have publicly ruled out a run for Senate next year.


Anonymous said...

By sitting in his DC office being a rubber stamp, Pompeo is being shrewd. He's going to let the GOP hysteria about Kobach build, and the shrieking of the few Kobach supporters drive outer, more electable Kansas candidates away, then step in at the last minute to "save the day".

The only problem with his plan is that, if the fear of Kobach handing the Senate Seat to any Democrat that runs becomes loud enough in Washington, the president* may hear of the pressure being put on Pompeo to run and fire him for "disloyalty" earlier than he would want.

What Pompeo is overlooking is the very real possibility of yet another blue wave brought on by Presidential chaos, and the matter of which Party is holding the Kansas Senate seat becoming irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Pompeo. He is a piece of shit just like KKKobach.

Anonymous said...

^^ And your mother.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo sux balls as well. How many times do you have to be cucked by your boss in the WH before you stand up for yourself?

Tracy Thomas said...

Please, Pompeo. Run for Senate. We cannot lose this seat!

You already have your housing set up in WDC.
And unlike Pat Roberts, you will keep some kind of domicile in Wichita, not just rent a Barcalounger.

Save us from Kris Kobach. He is like one of those newly departed ghosts who doesn't know he's dead meat. Nice guy. Goofy and reckless and a dreadful campaigner with a tin ear for what Kansans want, which is not a tank in a parade, or a tank on a street. No tanks, Kobach! You cost us the governorship already.

And ironically, when it got down to a recount over 345 votes between yourself and Jeff Colyer, well, Gov. Colyer realized, being governor of Kansas is not a fun job. So he dropped out, even tho he might have won the recount.

But as we say about ALL jobs in Topeka, "second prize is two terms."

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tracy, Pompouso has to stay in DC, wearing his little fez and vest, dancing atop Trump's HurdyGurdy and holding out a tin cup till April or May next year.

Then he switches to his "SuperGOP" costume, flies back to Kansas and starts singing Mighty Mouses' theme song

Tracy Thomas said...

People who support Israel do not wear a fez.
You probably do.

Perhaps you also support Ilhan Omar, who illegally married her brother to sneak into this country. No morals. Willing to do anything to tear down this country. Should be disqualified from being in Congress for her illegal entry.

I also note you are a coward. Won't use your name. So one can only assume you are a member of the V&R party--Victims and Rescuers, aka Democratic party.

Hope you had a good time fantasizing here. You also live in Mo.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo is just a fat version of KKKobach. Another Trump supporting anti-immigration zealot.

Anonymous said...

7:41 When Pompeo, Bolton, and Trump get us into a war with Iran you be sure to enlist in the Army or Marines so your ignorant ass can be on the front lines fighting a war for millionaires and billionaires who could not give one shit less about useful cult followers like your idiotic self. Be sure to respond to this with something about Hillary or Obama you fucking simpleton.