Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Will Pompeo Save Kansas Or Run For Prez?!?

Gop is hoping against hope that he'll block the fateful Kris Kobach Senate run . . . Cut off to just subscribers, the headline gets across the point . . . He's trolling reporters and might be thinking about a long term play at the White House.

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Pompeo Says Senate Run Is 'Off the Table.' His Actions Are Suggesting Otherwise

WASHINGTON-Reporters had been shooed out of Mike Pompeo's meet-and-greet with Kansas veterans in Orlando, Fla., last week when someone asked the secretary of state if there was any way to bring more military installations to his home state. Mr. Pompeo answered with "a giant Cheshire grin on his face," according to a person in the room.


Anonymous said...

Pompeo wants Kobach to run for the Senate so Pompeo can take over that "We Build The Wall" scam and get in on the real money!

Not a lot of cash to steal in the State Department, but damn, those alt-Right loonies are pouring bucks into Kris' hands.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Pompeo will just run away.

Anonymous said...

In Kansas, which hasn't had a Democratic U S Senator since the 1930's, all the Republicans have to do is to nominate a milktoast like Roberts, or really anyone who isn't Kobach,and they'll glide to victory.
Pompeo's staying in DC where the serious action is.
Being from a small mid-west state like Kansas gets you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Fat Kobach won't run for senate.