Friday, July 26, 2019

Will Instagram Trap Save Oak Park Mall?!?

Amid the ongoing death of retail, here's a one stop shop to fill up social media feeds for locals with no imagination . . . And that's a lot of people.

And it's true, a good background is hard to fake online . . . And the potential gunfire always makes for an effective Instagram thirst trap. Take a look:

Here's the best spot in the metro to snap a selfie

Wonder Wonder Interested in taking your selfie game to the next level? Head to Oak Park Mall and experience Wonder Wonder (11475 W. 95th St., Overland Park, Kan. 913-387-9398, This 6,000-square-foot maze has 16 rooms for Instagram photo opportunities, each one differing in lighting and decor designed by a local artist.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, all these "selfies" are stored on phones and not piling up somewhere in a shoebox. Can you imagine some future explorer looking at photo after photo after photo of somebody making fish lips?

Anonymous said...

I weep for the future.

baKC said...

You have to buy tickets for this thing? That's a nope-nope, Wonder Wonder.

Maybe if it was a free exhibit, but ... yeah, this is hilariously bad.

And will probably do OK business. Just yikes.