Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Where Should Kansas City Put Legal Weed?!?

Another zoning fight under discussion as this town attempts to navigate and craft byzantine codes to regulate a drug that's more widely available the bubble gum. Read more:

KCMO to consider regulations for medial marijuana facilities

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Missouri prepares to deal with medical marijuana facilities, different cities are planning where those facilities can be located. On Thursday morning, the Kansas City Council's transportation and infrastructure committee will have a meeting to discuss zoning regulations.


Tracy Thomas said...

This one's a no brainer, Tony--and allows you to combine TWO topics into one.

Go ask Alice, when you're 10 feet tall....

Obviously, put the marijuana emporiums in a TINY HOUSE, infill, in every neighborhood. The one in Brookside should look very cottage-like.

This will make tiny houses much beloved in every neighborhood.

AND has an added bonus, that by being in every neighborhood, stoners will not be tempted to ride their bikes to and fro, they can walk. Because stoners on Armour--well, all that weaving in and out around parked cars on the outside, then hokey pokey next to the curb, well that's not gonna work.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...


The pot calling the peddle green!!!

Anonymous said...

Recreational legalization is the only way. Medical makes people with conditions into dealers and doctors become middlemen.

NicK said...

any commercial retail space, we got plenty of empty storefronts