Monday, July 22, 2019

Westside Confronts Mural Taggers

Most neighbors suspect this is the handiwork of nearby housing projects which account for most of the crime in the neighborhood. Here's the community effort and fundraising hope for a cleanup battle. Read more:

Westside community works on plan to restore vandalized murals

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It's been more than a week since someone spray painted over the mural of Cesar Chavez and Our Lady of Guadalupe. That art has been in the Westside neighborhood since the 90s. But as KCTV5 News found out, those marks won't last.


Anonymous said...

Probably pissed off because they found out that one of the issues Chavez felt strongest about was illegal immigration.

(Wetbacks took jobs from legal Braceros, Chavez led at least three protest marches against them.)

Lil Puppet said...

^^^^ Go back to Russia with that bullshit. You don't know the first thing about it. Beeeeeeeeeeeetch.

Anonymous said...


@ 8:33 What a stupid thing to say! What does Russia have to do with this? You might want to learn your history because 8:30 has it right.

Anonymous said...

@8:33, read any one of the three Caesar Chavez biographies (try the Library shelves behind you), OR read any of the biographical information online, OR watch either of the two "60 Minutes" Chavez interviews, they all contain references to the NFWA struggle against both the illegals and the cheapskates who brought them in illegally to break NFWA Boycotts and work for less than Federal Wage Laws required.

Or alternately, continue to act like a third grade bully (or a president*) and call people names, order citizens out of this Country, and otherwise demonstrate to everyone who reads this site just how childish and ignorant you really are.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Nobody ordered citizens out of the country dummy, you were doing so well until that dumbass comment

Anonymous said...

@ 8:33 and 10:33 - screw you!
I quote " Go back to Russia with that bullshit. "!
I am an American, born in Iowa (which last I checked was not part of Russia!).
I've spent my entire life in this Country, with the exception of some overseas Military Service and three vacation trips to Canada.
(And I'm pretty sure Canada isn't part of Russia either.)

Now as to your claim that "nobody ordered citizens out of the country", check what both you and Trump said, specifically the words you and he used. (YOU "Go back to Russia" - HE "go back to the shithole Countries they came from")

Face it Jackass, you just embarrassed yourself again.

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