Monday, July 29, 2019

Westside Community Mural Defaced Again

A pattern of disrespect near the Westside . . . In the past two week, the mural was tagged twice. Neighbors are still trying to find the person responsible.

Take a look:

Vandals deface Cesar Chavez mural for second time in last two weeks


Anonymous said...

CC used to beat the hell out of ILLEGAL immigrants because he hated "wetbacks" taking his union members jobs.

So, this ain't white boys.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ It's junkies. Most people don't know Chavez or his work.

Anonymous said...

we all need to catch this scumbag before someone gets hurt

Anonymous said...

Probably some crew hired by developers, architects and builders wanting to grab land cheap and bulldoze the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Or someone frank hired to send a message to the “whiny spics” black people hate mexicans especially ones that complain about high taxes

Anonimo said...

Latinxes HATE Chavez!
He had real pride in his people and his culture.
You'll notice the "X" sprayed on his face?
You've seen the sparkly new term "latinX", right?