Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Urban Core Summertime Reality Check: Northeast Kansas City Corpse Found Today

Of course, arbitrary tax increases and rising crime are a concern . . . And then there's the occasional dead body that turns up. Here's the report today from our community news frenemies.

KCPD investigating dead body found in Northeast Kansas City resident's backyard

Kansas City Police Department was dispatched Wednesday, July 3 at approximately 9:50 a.m. to the 100 block of Drury Avenue in Northeast Kansas City. According to Detective Ben Haskett with KCPD, a homeowner found a white male sleeping in their backyard and contacted police.


Anonymous said...

A very big part of the problem is petersucker, she refuses to put the black murderers in prison. The other part of the problem is not admitting that the blacks are the problem, fix those two things right there and it all goes away....... maybe, you can nevar tell with either one of these two idiots.

Anonymous said...

#66-#67 maybe???

Anonymous said...

Well, the checks did just come in. Throw in holiday misunderstandings amongst enlightened adults and we might be looking at a round 70.

Anonymous said...

840 beat me to it!
Between the heat and fighting over the last chicken neck or watermelon, 70 by Monday morning is definitely possible.

Anonymous said...


Due to the ongoing homicide epidemic, the KCMO Council is limiting homeowners to one carrion!!!