Saturday, July 13, 2019

UMKC Professor Discusses The End Of American Dollar Domination

AWESOME TKC READER SUGGESTED LINK to a discussion analyzing how the United States has dominated the world economically both as the world’s largest creditor, and then later as the world’s largest debtor . . . Ultimately leading the coming demise of dollar domination.

TKC Reader: "Just like Dr. William Black . . . Economist Michael Hudson is a very bright man, and UMKC is fortunate to be associated with him."


Michael Hudson: De-Dollarizing The American Financial Empire


Anonymous said...

Thank Obama for the fall of the dollar

Byron Funkhouser said...

The tax gift to the rich resulting in a massive deficit is the cause.

Remember when Republicans cared about the deficit? It was the reason for turning down the infrastructure bill that Obama wanted passed. It was also the reason for turning down the jobs for veterans bill the wanted pass.

The trade war with the world is the final nail in the coffin.

Reality Speaker said...

UMKC professor pretty much sums up the veracity of his/her statement.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Just because they turned you down is no reason to get all huffy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks but No Thanks. I'll keep my dollars if you don't mind as they create comfort and stability in my life. But go ahead and follow this whack job UMKC Prof if you want but don't come crying to me later because the door will be closed and locked.

Anonymous said...

He is a self proclaimed Marxist. He writes all of the stuff praising himself. His Wikipedia information says that he studies debt. He was an analyst on wall street. He is 80 years old and is apparently still sucking off the public teat at UMKC.

Anonymous said...

More failure from Trump. The dollar was the strongest world currency when Obama left office.

Trump has exploded the deficit again. Now he is begging the Fed to lower interest rates to bail out his slowing economy and weaken the dollar. That will drive up prices on imports, on top of his tariff taxes.

The GOP always drives the economy off the cliff.