Tuesday, July 23, 2019

UMKC Kangaroo Kill Country Club Sports

Changing times at the city college and a sign that training for the classic good life is no longer a top concern for Kansas City college students. Take a look:

UMKC to eliminate men's tennis, women's golf programs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Following a review of athletic programs, the University of Missouri - Kansas City announced Tuesday plans to eliminate its men's tennis and women's golf programs. The move would reduce the total number of teams at the school from 16 to 14 starting in the 2020-2021 school year.


Anonymous said...

This school should be concentrating on churning out diplomas, not trying to be an athletic powerhouse. UMKC ain't KU or MU or Podunk U.

Anonymous said...

UMKC is Kangaroo U Waste of time and money!

Anonymous said...

Too many foreigners and gays at umkc, the dudes would rather suck dick than play sports and the dykes, well you know, they don’t like balls!

Anonymous said...

Sad to see UMKC can't find the chump change to support athletes in non-revenue-producing sports. I played tennis for UMKC in 1972, and the university's financial support hardly went beyond paying for polo shirts for a half-dozen players and a case of tennis balls. I can't think today's expenditures are much more than that.