Trash From Illegal Kansas City Fireworks Creates Toxic Hot Mess Across Metro

Insight into the clean-up effort and a reminder that environmentalists claim this show of patriotism is killing the planet.

"The fireworks debris alarms local environmental groups, because they said toxic chemicals from the explosive cans pollute nearby waterways. "Those firework remnants have various metals in them," Red Bridge Community Recycling Center Manager for Bridging the Gap John Fish said."

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Neighbors clean up fireworks debris littering KC Parks

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Fireworks lit up the Fourth of July sky Thursday in celebration of Independence Day, but there was less revelry the next day as hundreds of people cleaned up the mess left behind in Kansas City, Missouri, parks. Many of the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department's 221 parks were littered with fireworks debris.


  1. Ah isn't life in our instant gratification throw it away society grand?


  2. This goes on every year, this is not new. Funny how most of the people burning up fireworks and littering our parks are the same people who don't have jobs and hate America. What are you people celebrating it certainly isn't your freedom.

  3. Byron Funkhouser7/6/19, 2:53 AM

    ^^How do you know they don't have jobs & hate America?

    "What are you people celebrating it certainly isn't your freedom."

    WTF? Freedom doesn't mean doing what you want. Oh wait, yes it does.

    Of course, the great "you people". So, you're not one of the people?


  4. ^^^Fuck you asshole, GD you're stupid.

  5. Herr Fuckhouser explain why the so called poor people always have better phones than I do while being covered in thousands of dollars in tattoos? Why do all these so call poor obese folks look like they are all eating well? And these same folks always seem to have money for those high dollar cigarettes and cigars they smoke with their booze along with those who have steady diets of illegal drugs?

  6. Byron
    If Mark hadn’t neutered you when he was mayor, someone should kick you in the nads.


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