Friday, July 12, 2019

Top 5 Places For Kansas City Scumbags To Booze It Up In Brookside/Waldo

A delightful guide to KCMO middle-class watering holes wherein a couple of drinks will reveal that so many local biz class movers & shakers have about $50K in credit card debt that's killing them slowly and they're strangely ashamed that they're only 1 and a half generations removed from shoe-less hill people.

There are only 4 locations on this list, #1 is huffing paint behind the CVS with members of the scooter gang who still live to steal and terrorize naive young professionals who keep willfully forgetting that Waldo is not Johnson County.


Brookside/ Waldo neighborhood spots with awesome tap lists

Photo courtesy of Bier Station FacebookBier Station There's a reason most local geeks will tell you Bier Station is their favorite spot in town. This Waldo institution has an impeccably chosen list, solid grub and a great patio. Most importantly, it functions as the de facto town hall for the KC beer community.

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