Actually, I figured they would just settle the complaint and agree to part as enemies. This outcome is nothing less than an outright legal SMACKDOWN against the Kansas Republican leader and rips his arguments to shreds.

Like it or not, and no matter which side of the political aisle gentle readers might fall. This is a victory for FREE SPEECH given that the judge seems to say that disagreement over the minor deets of column didn't merit the legal beef.

Here's the round-up that's mostly just recycled stuff our blog community has already picked apart.

KCUR: Judge Throws Out Kansas Senator’s Defamation Suit Against Kansas City Star


A Johnson County judge on Tuesday tossed a defamation lawsuit brought by Kansas Sen. Majority Leader Jim Denning against The Kansas City Star, finding Denning failed to prove malice.

Judge Paul Gurney also ordered Denning to pay the newspaper’s attorney fees, which could run as high as $40,000.

Gurney ruled that Denning had not met the requirements of the Kansas Speech Protection Act, which is designed to end meritless lawsuits that target the exercise of free speech. Gurney found The Star was not driven by ill will or evil intent when it published a column by Steve Rose in January criticizing Denning’s opposition to Medicaid expansion . . .

Now . . .

Our blog community expects that Steve Rose is next to enjoy COURT SATISFACTION but we'll wait until the ruling to talk about how this JOCO Republican was unfairly rebuked as the impact of the Prez Trump era creates a divide among Kansas Conservatives deeper than the aftermath of any fracking quake.

We can talk Red State history till we're blue in the face but the fact is, if Sunflower State Republicans consistently lose Johnson County, then eventually they'll lose Kansas.

In the meantime, we offer a moment of respite to realize that we were on the right side of history with this one and give our blog community another chance to correct their expert barrister perspective.

Developing . . .


  1. And our community is worse off for this.

    1. I see your point but let's make it clear.

      Without President Trump, there never could have been a Congresswoman Sharice Davids.

      That's the just the way the U.S. political system works, you can't win all the time. Even if you promise so much winning. The president really galvanized women against him and the status quo. The Republicans still aren't prepared to handle the challenge.

  2. Not sure losing joco is that big a deal, the rest of the state is much smarter than those people.

  3. So maybe the Star will be able to meet payroll this month.

  4. "Not sure losing joco is that big a deal, the rest of the state is much smarter than those people."

    It's the biggest population center in the State. Gop can't afford to give up all of those votes.

  5. Never heard of Denning or Rose.
    As Meatloaf says “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”
    Most kids don’t know what a newspaper is and soon enough it won’t be printed.
    Funny seeing them sue each other.
    Paper sued for information
    People sue the paper for lying
    People quit the paper and kids never try it.
    Funny how things work
    It’s like bad music.

  6. It’s like wiping before you poop.
    Makes no sense.

  7. The TKC geezers were wrong again.

    Tony, turn off comments, these people are just fucking stoopid and they make an otherwise decent blog into a pile of sh*t.

  8. Rose isn't out of the woods just yet. The Star is off the hook but the separate rulings should keep him sweating bullets tonight.

    1. What makes this night different than any other night.


  9. This case was always a loser but I doubt denning will see much flak from it. The right has defeated the newspapers and they are nothing more than a relic of a forgotten time when they at least tried to be objective.

  10. Denning is and has always been an oversensitive, hypocritical and egotistical prick. He'll play the Trump card and blame left wing judicial bias albeit he overplayed his hand this time.

  11. The LEFT is done.
    Each candidate goes further left to try to out do the other.
    Furthest left wins the candidacy... but becomes unelectable and Trump wins.
    It’s like a Ponzi scheme for losers.
    That’s exactly how The KC Star destroys itself with the editorial board.

  12. Byron Funkhouser7/2/19, 9:38 PM

    9:27 Dream on

    Right wingers critiquing the left is like white racial haters lecturing the black community on their choice of leaders.

    We ignore you, beyond telling you you're opinion is irrelevant.

    It's a long time until fall 2020.

    1. 2020 ? that's when you
      start to whine for 4
      more years MAGA KAG

  13. 9:38 Remember it was Barokeback Obama that lowered the bar low enough for Trump to become President.

  14. ^^^^^ No matter how you vote, that statement from @9:43 is absolutely correct.

    Nice to see there are still some thinking people on this blog.

  15. States need something like the Electoral College. When you see the map of how counties voted last election, it's remarkable.

    Kansas was solid red except for a mere 3 or 4 populated counties. It was like California and new York decided the fate of the rest of America.

    Small towns and rural Kansas was totally overwhelmed by just several population centers.

    1. 954, that's how "majority rules" works. So in other words, when you can't win the popular vote, you want to craft a system where a minority of voters can force their will on the majority?

      Are you wanting to live in a democratic system? Because you don't seem to get the concept.


  16. Democrat judge bails out RINO Steve Rose(n).

    Oy Vey!

  17. I thought the Republicans were supposed to be tough? Not precious snowflakes who get their feelings hurt by something they read.

  18. Byron stop shitting where we live go do it in your own neighborhood. Remember the KKK was brought to you by the Democrats. The left wingers attacking people in the streets and giving lectures are Democrats as well.

    Fuck Off Byron!

  19. ^^The left is only attacking Nazi's in the street. You're not a Nazi are you????!!!

  20. No that would be Herr Fuckhouser.

  21. Star wins!!!!


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