Weekend vacation plans might be hampered by the chance of rain but also impacted by an increasingly divisive racial discourse that seems to be worsening.

News and edification on the current state of affairs in Missouri:

NAACP urges caution for African American travelers over holiday weekend

(From Missouri State Conference of the NAACP)

If you are traveling in Missouri, you need to consider the Missouri NAACP Travel Advisory and the safety/security of those with you.

The NAACP Travel Advisory remains in effect.

In light of the Missouri Attorney General’s Vehicle Stops Report showing that Black people are nearly twice as likely to be stopped as Caucasians, the risk of an encounter with law enforcement is higher than ever before.

While we hope elected officials on the state and local level will act to protect the lives, liberty and property of Blacks in the same way Whites’ civil rights are, we must acknowledge the State of Missouri’s inequities and prepare for more of the same or worse . . .

H/T Turner Report - Read The Presser In Its Entirety On His Blog

A refresh and reminder of perspectives on both sides of this issue:

Common Dreams: 'Wake-Up Call' Report Shows Black Drivers in Missouri 91 Percent More Likely to Be Pulled Over by Police

Sentinel -- Jack Cashill: If NAACP leaders really cared about the African American community, they would warn travelers about the very real dangers black people in Missouri face on a daily basis–almost exclusively from other people of color.

PBS: In the Kansas City-area city of Blue Springs, which is 87 percent white based on 2010 census data and close to Interstate 70, black drivers in general were 275 percent more likely to be stopped. When isolating stops to residents, data show black drivers were nearly three times as likely to be stopped compared to white resident drivers.

And whilst we acknowledge that this enduring culture war concern is reason for alarm, it's still not as dangerous as all of the DISTRACTED "INTEXTICATED" DRIVERS ON THE ROAD THIS WEEKEND.

So be careful and be nice either way . . .

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  1. It was a publicity stunt that backfired. Instead of working to help drivers they just made themselves a punch line for the alt-right. The press release was one sided and if it would have included more dangers in STL & KC, they probably would have seemed more informed about what's really happening in the state.

    1. ^^^^ Should the warning have been more broad based? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean it's not accurate. Those numbers come from state sources, if you doubt them then you are also questioning the legitimacy of the police. It's a fundamental mistake of a lot of people in the news, they think the public works for the law enforcement, it's the other way around. The most effective departments work together with the community and I'm glad I see KCPD trying to do that more.

    2. Didn't notice a peep from the Missouri NAACP on the growing number of murders in KC & STL over the past three years. I guess they're not very worried about those deaths because they can't be used for political advantage.

  2. Don't care about your politics, get off the damn phone when you drive!

  3. "When isolating stops to residents, data show black drivers were nearly three times as likely to be stopped compared to white resident drivers."

    This is a good policy that should be more stringently enforced. You are 27 times more likely to be killed, raped or murdered by a black than a white on a per capita basis.

    Repeated verification = justifiable belief. Stereotypes work. It gets hot in the summer, don't wear a coat and cold in the winter, wear a coat.

    If the GAS LIGHTING by the Progressive controlled media, Hollywood and Tech Giants which insists that there is no reason to worry about the outrageously disproportionate criminality of black people, then we would all vacation down at 37th and Chestnut.

    We are dead, in black on white hate crimes, that no one wants to talk about because they are busy listening to their "Thought Leaders" insist that they choke down the daily dose of agitprop.

    1. Gee Tony, why do you let Chuck post his racist drivel?

  4. A separate warning should be issued advising Missouri is very dangerous because blacks love killing other blacks. Kansas City and St. Louis at the top of the black on black violence.

  5. If white people were to be pulled over more than black people would the NAACP issue the same warning?

    I'm sorry but I can't see how being pulled over for a traffic violation is dangerous to the black race unless they the violator escalate the situation. Are those being pulled over charged with moving violations and expired tags being found guilty in a court of law?

    My cop shop buddy tells me he could care less your skin color when he sees you commit a traffic violation. The officer isn't a traffic cop so he has no radar unit and claims his biggest reasons to pull over people of all color is expired tags, lighting, no seat belts and running red lights. He claims this NAACP thing is nothing other than a boat load of crap from so called black leaders in MIssouri and the nation. Till the black race cleans up it's act and acts in law abiding ways this so called pulled over stuff is going to happen. But a lot of these numbers don't come from the whitey side of town they come from the areas with the most black population. Check out stops made in Ferguson MO where over half the population is black. It the facts from those areas that drive up numbers for the whole state. I live in Olathe a fair number of blacks and latinos also live there but I pull over just as many white people if not more than black people. But look at who is the ones committing all the crime. No these are cooked figures that don't reflect the true truth of what is happening on our streets.

  6. ^^^ blacks love killing whites and in Jackson county the murderous blacks go free, that should be a warning to white people. Those animals are dangerous. Besides, what are the percentage of blacks in killa shitty and shitty Louis?

    The population of blacks in kc is 30%, Stl is 48%, there are actually more blacks in shitty Louis than whites, hmmmm, makes those numbers look a lot different now doesn’t it.

  7. I'd like to see real numbers here. Take Blue Springs for one just how many traffic stops were made and what was the break down of those. What were the stops made for and so forth.

    Okay it's like this. If you pull over 50 cars with an expired temporary tag and 40 of those were driven by people of the black race is that driver profiling or drivers violating the law?

    I'm not a cop but let us be real here, it isn't hard to drive around in KC area much and not see an expired temporary tag in all cities of the metro. Yes a lot of them are on cars being driven by black people but sorry facts are facts. Sure white people do the same thing and I am sure they get pulled over as well at some point when they get caught. I know more white people who have been busted for expired tags than black people so is that an factual statistic to use to make a point?

  8. The NAACP doesn't understand that white guilt has been exhausted and exploited so much that it's basically dead.

  9. There was a similar outrage in, I think, NJ a few years back. The NJ Highway Patrol pulled over many more black drivers than any other hue. An independent investigation showed that from where the police cars were situated, it was not possible to tell the skin color of the drivers at any time during the day. So the traffic stops were legit. It just so happened that black drivers were breaching traffic laws at a far greater rate than other races.

    Same thing with crimes of violence.

    But what really ticked off the NAACP was when Missouri changed its civil law to require that to recover for racial discrimination in employment, etc., the claimant had to show that race was the primary cause of the allegedly discriminatory action, and not just a small part of it. In practical terms, that made it harder for race hustling lawyers to collect their attorneys fees. The NAACP is not so much a champion of poor blacks, as it is of that very important Democratic donor base, trial lawyers.

  10. When blacks become civilized (hope springs eternal), this will be less of an issue, but when the vast majority of them have records or are up to no good they deserve to be pulled over. The cops in my part of town have them pulled over anytime they come through, and we’re also one of the lowest crime locations in the metro. Coincidence? Hardly.

  11. When blacks become civilized (hope springs eternal), this will be less of an issue, but when the vast majority of them have records or are up to no good they deserve to be pulled over. The cops in my part of town have them pulled over anytime they come through, and we’re also one of the lowest crime locations in the metro. Coincidence? Hardly.

  12. In KCMO close to 90% of the homicide victims are black.
    And the percentage of the perpetrators is higher still.
    And both numbers are worse in St Louis.
    Now THAT'S a real problem the NAACP should address.
    But that would mean putting the blame squarely where it belongs.
    It's a shame that some hard-working people who want nothing more than to earn a living, support their families, and live their lives in some sort of safety have to be subjected to what goes on in too many urban core neighborhoods.
    And suffer from the utter lack of what passes for leadership in those communities.

  13. ^^^Gotta wonder why you can't respond with substance instead of just "please shut up."

  14. 8:06 truth hurts doesn’t it bitch, you can’t ignore who the problem is anymore, well dummy, what are you gonna do to fix your peoples problem? You can't blame whitey for evar, we don’t make your people lyin, rapin, robbin murderous thugs now do we punk.

  15. Jack Cashill well represents the wealthy white fascist voter. What's clear about Jacks Fascism is the method of class reductionist he lays out in his argument. Jack will refer to women folk or black folk while intentionally skirting what all these folks have in common is a unifying working class identity? Jack will scoff about black on black crime as a concern used by right wing news pundits as a political dog whistle for audience of bitter conservative old white men. You will never hear mentioned the people who never go to jail for murder is the Kansas City Police Department. Look it up? In the top 3 police departments out of 17,000 police departments KCPD is No# 3 for Killer Cops? Out of cops never convicted for murder KCPD is No@ 1 in the USA!

  16. 9:06 = Inchoate effort to string together talking points from a "salt of the earth", ethnomasochistic, soccer girl.

    Repeating lies, pretending that blacks don't destroy everything they touch, is not only bad for all of us, it is bad for blacks.


  17. Well can you blame them? 9:06 is an idiot and needs to get their facts straight. Blacks commit most of the crime in KC! That's a fact! And most of the cops killed are killed by blacks that's a fact also!

    BTW it was white old right wing conservatives that freed the slaves and left wing including some wealthy blacks that wanted to keep slavery and it was also old left wing men who stared the KKK.

  18. ^^^ The libs are gonna hate you for telling the truth!

  19. Byron Funkhouser7/6/19, 3:04 AM

    I'd make a comment, but I'd be accused of saying "terrible things" & "spewing hatred".

    How come Chuck never gets accused of this? NaziDave is preaching eugenics again, but he says he's not a Nazi. Whatever, Bruce.

    When the facts don't fit, all of the brain surgeons here question the facts.

    A thread about the systemic white racial hatred towards blacks is denied by the white racial haters, sort of, but really rationalized by citing those very facts.

    It must make your brain hurt to be so consumed with hatred of strangers.

  20. ^^^^^I'd make a comment, but I'd be accused of saying "terrible things" & "spewing hatred".

    Yes that's what you just did ya fucking asshole

  21. Byron - telling the truth is not hatred except in the minds of Fascists who want to shut up the other side because THEY have no argument against the facts.

  22. Herr Fuckhouser is a Fascists for sure.

  23. "NaziDave is preaching eugenics again, but he says he's not a Nazi."

    The Nazis were late comers to the eugenics movement. It was started and popularized by American progressives, yes your very own ideological ancestors. So insead of Nazi Dave you should call him Progressive Dave.

    I don't know Dave, but from his posts I strongly suspect he's not any kind of Socialist, National or otherwise, and therefore certainly not a Nazi.


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