Thursday, July 18, 2019


A topic more important than social justice politics, here's background today's debate that might COST OR SAVE local homeowners BIG BUCKS for years to come . . .

Broken System Disparity
Part 14: Why did 28% of Jackson County see same tax increase, and who was charged more?
Community News Update

County wrestles with assessment worries

Two different Jackson County bodies are considering action to address property owners' concerns about sharply higher assessed values that have come out this summer.

War Of Words Amid Outreach To Missouri Authorities

County executive, BOE member trade barbs ahead of meeting

Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr.'s war of words with the Board of Equalization continued ahead of a scheduled meeting Thursday morning. He claims a proposal to cap assessment increases isn't legal, but the man behind the proposal, Preston Smith, has alleged incompetence and corruption.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Ruh, roh! The usually smiley Frank prolly is frowning a lot in his sleep these days, with the words "incompetence and corruption" messing with his REM stages.

J.W. said...

We needs updates!!!!!

J.W. said...

They tabled Preston's motion. Utter incompetence!!The appeal document downloadable at the following link is not even a form document you can use online, so enjoy finding that printer and printing everything out in triplicate, scanning it if you want to email it back, or paying for an envelope. FYI: I would send it certified.

I personally will be creating a series of videos documenting how severely trashed the city-owned properties adjacent to many of the revalued properties are, and how it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE that anyone conducted physical research into the status of several area properties.

Exposing the utter incompetence of these morons is as simple as pointing at the moon.

Here is the link to the appeal form.

Frank White Flight (c TT, '19) .... did I credit that correctly? said...

BLEXIT! Decent blacks who are wise to leave the Democrim plantation and quit voting for the leftist Robin Hoods may do well to take Tracy's invite to leave JaCo. The Sunflower state's eastern edge is open for business. JoCo, WyCo, LvCo has room for you, and there are better public schools, good roads, and NO e-Tax! Hurry!

Anonymous said...

11:30 I know someone who works for the county. He said they had a pretty smart guy who made an online appeal form last year. One of Frank's minions wouldn't approve using it. This minion oversees both assessment and collections for the county, and tries to run the BOE staff too. These are supposed to be 3 entirely independent functions and Frank White has this one person running then all.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it, that the county ever had anybody pretty smart working for them.

Anonymous said...

If it's true one person is running assessment and collections, then this whole process is illegit. Especially if he is telling BOE staff what to do as well.